My Day in Photos (Wednesday)



Body pump first thing. We were running late this morning, so it was ready and out the door, no time to play or unload the dishwasher which is what Clara really wanted to do.

I’m there, in the mirror in the top photo and in the photo below, those are my man-hands. Because WTF? Why do my hands look so big?


Another quick run on the treadmill, after pump. 22 minutes, incline of 1, speed set 5.8. How completely and utterly boring but it’s getting easier to run with an incline.


Another not-so-exciting errand for Taylor. But Clara and I sang the Wheels on the Bus on the way home and her hand gestures for the wipers going swish-swish-swish are legendary.



Someone did not want to have a nap. I, however, did. I persevered and got down to business with a sheet over the window. She got the message and succumbed. As did I. We both woke at 4:30 to the sound of rain and I scrambled to get ready and out the door for my book club that was meeting downtown at 6. I asked myself on the (long) drive downtown if I would lose all credibility if I confessed that my lateness was due to oversleeping. In the middle of the afternoon.


I don’t know how I ever did the drive downtown on a regular basis during rush hour. Tonight’s drive, in the rain, took an hour and fifteen minutes and included a detour off the 401, down Renforth and onto the 427 from Burnhamthorpe. The time on the display was after 6 in this photo, and I was still 45 minutes away.


My contribution to book club – prosciutto, marinated eggplant and baguette crisps. It’s my favorite snack when paired with an aged white cheddar.


The drive home was much better than the drive in. I forget how much I love driving – especially at night – when the traffic is light, the sunroof is open and I’m loving the music playing off my phone. Love this song (Glass Table Girls) and High For This from The Weeknd album House of Balloons.


Hanging with Taylor after getting home – some television (Parenthood) and a discussion about our evening (and other things). The only time we really got to spend with each other today. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen often.

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