My Day in Photos (Tuesday)


One of the things I need to do before Clara and I leave the house is prepare Clara some snacks for wherever we’re going. Usually it’s the gym. And usually, her snack consists of slices of cheddar and cucumber, some raisins and/or sunflower seeds, a cereal bar, either crackers or goldfish and a fruit chew of some sort. And a small container of apple sauce if she hasn’t eaten a lot at breakfast. If this sounds like a lot of food, it is, but she doesn’t necessarily eat it all. In fact, we discovered that she was giving away a lot of her snacks at the gym daycare and hey, if she’s using her snacks to buy her popularity, that’s okay by me. There’s worse ways for her to buy popularity so I’m just going to keep packing her lots of food. While I’m packing all of this, Clara is usually off playing and she’s getting really good at playing independently. In this photo, her mega block tower has gotten too tall, and so she had this idea to push the step stool next to it, then climb up so she can reach the top of the tower. She’s a smart one, this kid.


We had some errands to run before the gym, so I dressed in street clothes and packed my gym clothes in a bag. We took a few minutes to goof off on the front step and take some photos before hopping in the car. We need to do this more often.



One of the smart features on the new car is the ability to set a warning tone when I hit a specified speed. Since I got a hefty speeding ticket three months ago on my way to Ottawa, I’m cautious about not getting another one because a) I can’t afford the fine b) I can’t afford the points and c) I can’t afford the lecture. So now, the car politely chimes at me when I hit 120 on the highway. I don’t know what’s more genius – that the car can do this, or that I thought to enable it.


A spot near the door at Square One? That only happens when it’s first thing in the morning on a week day. Normally I park rather far from the doors and take advantage of the walk but today I was lazy. Good thing, cause it was drizzling when we left the mall.




I wanted to go by the blood clinic to donate, but since I have to return to the mall on Monday for my appointment at the Apple store (and Sephora is doing 20% off) I decided to hold off till then. Smart decision since Monday I’ll work out before donating, whereas today, I would be working out after.


Occasionally, we get to run errands for Taylor. And most of the time, they’re not very exciting errands.


Finally got to the gym, where all I was scheduled to do was run. But here’s the thing. I’ve fallen behind in my running for a number of reasons (I’m addicted to spinning, I lost my night time running partner and I was sick for two weeks) and so I decided to start over again with building my running base. Starting over again because I’m (finally) running with a slight incline to simulate outdoor running. And I’m finding it hard. Really hard. Today I only ran 20 minutes, starting with an incline of 2 and a speed of 6.3 but brought it down to 1 and 6.0 to keep my heart rate within a good range. If I didn’t have the Toronto half on my radar for May (and possibly the Vegas full for next December) then I’d be pulling the plug on running and just spinning. Because spinning is awesome.


Shopping is hard work. Especially without the help of a stroller (she walked through the whole mall). We napped again, in her bed, from about 2:30 until almost 5 when we had to get up to get ready to meet friends at the local pub. As Tay said, as we were eating later, I’m a MUCH better person to live with ever since I’ve started napping with Clara. I had the right idea, our friends agreed, and enthusiastically supported my napping. Thank you friends.


I love that there’s a cozy pub up the street where the food is decent (the wings are great, especially two-for-one on Mondays) and even better, the servers are getting to know us and are nice to Clara.


A bath for Clara and me and then bed for her. She’s getting so much better at going to sleep at night, there’s no fight from her at all.


Laundry again. There’s always laundry, it’s never ending. Some other housework, a blog update and either some bad television and then bed or skip television and straight to bed. We’ll see.

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One Response to My Day in Photos (Tuesday)

  1. Jody says:

    1) I’m enjoying your days in ‘photo’ blogs
    2) How could anybody ever NOT be nice to our Clara?
    3) You remind me of mom with your daily naps 😉
    4) I LOVE the photo of you and Clara on the front porch.

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