My Day in Photos (Monday)


Clara started the day by finding my glasses next to the bed and deciding to see how far she could twist the arms.

I rarely wear my glasses – first thing in the morning and late at night but I really like these glasses. And now? Now I’m stuck wearing these ones until Tay figures out if he can fix the other ones with his heat gun.


I don’t like these ones at all.


Clara and I went to the gym where I complained on Facebook about the influx of people who are just now (in November) trying to make good on the New Year’s resolutions.

Body Pump, followed by a half hour abs class, followed by a short 3km run on the treadmill.


Clara has a persistent rash around her mouth either from drooling/teething or an allergy of some sort. We popped into the walk-in clinic, and was told what I already knew. Then next door to the drugstore for cortisone cream and Clara conned me into a Dora toothbrush (it was on sale).


We had lunch, and then we napped. Together, in her bed. It was awesome. When we got up, it was time for a snack. We took our snack outdoors but it was no longer the warm and comfortable 16 degrees it was earlier in the day so we went back indoors to eat. I let Clara choose what we’d watch on TV and she selected Curious George the movie. Again. This kid is obsessed. Fortunately, I enjoy the soundtrack.


Dinner (trout, green beans and risotto) and then while Taylor put Clara to bed, I cleaned out the closet in the front hallway. I’ve been cleaning like a crazy person lately, there’s a blog post to come.


I even reorganized the shoe rack. When Taylor saw, he commented on the inequality of my shoes vs. his. He has three pairs of shoes on the rack next to the door; I have nine. “Okay,” I said. “But you never leave the house.” Why does he need shoes?


I folded two loads of laundry while watching bad television and then we watched good television before bed. I had a camomile tea with a couple of slices of the spiced pumpkin banana loaf that I baked the other day. Tea and pumpkin loaf? Next thing you know I’ll be crocheting myself a sweater vest and eating bran muffins.

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One Response to My Day in Photos (Monday)

  1. Stacy says:

    I really do love that she loves my favorite movie so much šŸ™‚ Now I’ll love it even more because it will make me think of her!
    Also why does he need shoes, he never leaves the house?! Haha! Made my morning! šŸ™‚

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