Nothing Scary Here


Nope, not scary.


Scary only if you’re an apiphobiac, but even then.


And this is only scary if she’s not going to share and you better believe she’s going to share.

The plinky prompt for today was to write about your most memorable Halloween. As a holiday, or an event, does Halloween really stand out? I mean, I remember the houses that gave out the best stuff (the Pepsi employee that gave out cans of pop topped that list) but really, you dressed up, collected candy, the end. Nothing really memorable. But wait, there was one year, I dressed as a clown, in full make up and it began to rain. And my makeup ran. And I quickly morphed from regular clown to sad clown to melting clown to scary clown.

With Clara, Halloweens are becoming a lot more fun. We had a blast carving the pumpkin (which I did in 67 minutes, start to finish) and at first she seemed slightly bothered by what I was doing when I was up to my elbows in pumpkin innards – until she got her own spoon and tried to help.

She LOVED the final result. So did I.


Kinda scary, but really not.

What can I say, we don’t scare easily in this house. In fact, I was trying to come up with a list of movies earlier that would make up my top ten scary movie list, and this is the furthest I got:

1) Texas Chainsaw Massacre
2) Martyrs
3) Paranormal Activity
4) Blair Witch Project

I’m trying to remember if Quarantine was scary or not. It might have been, and I’m thinking it was, so I’ll throw it on the list anyway.

5) Quarantine

I think these are in the order of scariest.

Let’s not forget zombie movies. Zombies scare the be-Jesus out of me but I also love them so they can’t really top my scary movie list. But they deserve a spot, even if it’s down low.

6) Dawn of the Dead
7) 28 Days Later

There’s no vampire movies on here because vampires are just silly.

8 ) The Descent

If you’re claustrophobic, this movie is freaking terrifying.

9) The Amityville Horror

I do love a good haunted house movie.

10) The Exorcist

I do love a good possessed-by-demon story too.

Yeah, okay so there’s 10 “scary” movies, for someone that doesn’t scare easily. The first four definitely scarier than most, but the remaining six have their redeeming qualities.

Normally, we’d watch something along these lines to celebrate Halloween but by the time we got a very excited Clara calmed down and into her pajamas, and to sleep there wasn’t much time left in the evening.


Whoa, scary pajamas. Those monster hugs are something else.

I grabbed a beer, ate some Halloween chips and we watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead. Not really scary-scary but I love me some zombies.

But yeah. Nothing scary here.

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