I Could Live Elsewhere, But Probably Won’t

From plinky.com:

Do you ever think you’ll try living in another country?

When I was younger, I had a back up plan in case my world crumbled around my feet, and that would be to pack my bags and run off to teach ESL like my friend Dawn did, or to do some kind of missionary work in a third-world country in Africa. It seemed like such a good way to heal, and I think I’d be good at it. Now, now I don’t like to think about my world crumbling around my feet but if it did, I think I’d need my mom more than anything, so the east coast is the furthest I’d get. Although, I could also go to England as well, if I felt the need to escape-escape.

We’ve talked about living in the US before, mostly jokingly but it’s not THAT impossible since with Taylor’s job, he can work pretty much anywhere. We’ve dreamed about places with nicer climates. Colorado. Southern California. Hell, northern California. Ignorance is bliss though, and once upon a time, it was a nice idea. But after seeing too many documentaries about the US and how lacking the health care is and the school systems are and food production and obesity levels and how nightmarish it can be to have a baby there, I have to say I’ve no real desire to live there. And now that we have Clara and I worry that she doesn’t see our family who live in the same country enough, it would make things that much harder to want to do something like that.

But if money wasn’t an issue? And we could visit our family/have them visit us whenever we felt like it, would I try living in a different country then? Oh without a doubt. The only question is where, because that’d be that difficult thing to decide. If we were impossibly wealthy, the US would be a great place to live. San Francisco, or Napa or anywhere along the coast. Somewhere along the Eastern coast of the US could work too. Or Paris. Or Switzerland. Or the mountains in Italy. Amsterdam. Or maybe I’d settle someplace close to home. There’s lots of beautiful little spots here in Ontario – Niagara on the Lake. Cobourg. Campbellville (ironically just up the road aways). But even closer to home than that. Chester, with the boats and the beaches and lunches at The Rope Loft, just a quick walk away. Like this place:



The possibilities, they’re endless. I should really play the lottery more.

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