How Did This End Up Being About Ice Cream?


Create a new law to make the world a more fun place.

Wow, so I must be uninspired today because not only did I not want to give this any thought but the best I could do was a) legalize marijuana and b) legalize prostitution. I also tried to get my head around a no speed limit pass for drivers that have passed a hardcore driving school/test (which was better than taking away licenses from anyone that consistently drive BELOW the speed limit). As for legalizing marijuana and prostitution, I put both to the “Would you want Clara” test, as in, “Would you want Clara to grow up to be a pothead? Or a prostitute?” And of course the answer to both of those are no and no, but I don’t want her growing up to be an alcoholic either. And if she did (god forbid) grow up to be a prostitute, then at least if it was legal, she’d be protected and would have some rights.

More creative answers to this question, as posted on plinky were:

Every set of stairs has a slide next to it – people can use the stairs to go up, but must use the slide to go down. (Awesome!)

Make every weekend a three day weekend. (They specified a paid weekend but that’s just greedy).

Everyone shorter than 6′ is eligible for a free ice cream every month to make themselves feel better about themselves (I will be greedy and suggest changing this to once a week :).

All machines dispense ice cream sandwiches. You fill up at the gas station? Free ice cream sandwich. You take out $20 at the ATM? Free ice cream sandwich. (This was my favorite by far.)

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