My Three Loves


Would you rather be a food, book or film critic?

Anybody that knows me, knows I love both movies and books.

Anybody that knows me well knows I love food.

Not just love it, but LOVE it.

For the longest time, I believed my love of food would prevent me from being thin and svelte. To get thin, I’ve had to really watch what I eat, which to me, is the same as not eating at all. When I’m finally thin, I’m scared to eat. Eventually, my love of food takes over yet again, and ten pounds later (if I’m lucky, usually it’s twenty), I’m curvy again.

Since I decided not to go back to work and chose to stay home with Clara, I’m fortunate that I get to go to the gym 6 days a week. She’s happy playing in the daycare while I work out, so much so that I sometimes have to drag her from the room so we can go home (and EAT).

I’m working out six days a week, and averaging 2 hours every time. I do body pump, I run, I lift weights with my father in-law, I do an hour incline walk.

And I wasn’t losing weight. Because I eat too much. Aged cheddar is a huge culprit. Bread too. Pasta. Rice with rich, cream-laden curries. Chocolate milk. Ice cream. Ice cream and CUPCAKES when our weekly dinner guests are brilliant cruel enough to bring them. And, anti-processed food snob that I am, the occasional can of coke.

I love to eat, but I also love to exercise. I’ve started keeping tracking of my food and exercise, hoping to find that balance where I can eat the foods I enjoy and still lose weight. And I’ve found it, it just involves making sure I burn a minimum of 700 calories every time I hit the gym. (I’m about to hit 750 while I write this, I love a good incline walk post-body pump).

So of the three, what would I chose? Food critic, food critic, food critic. I love being surprised by a good book or movie, love it when one or the other moves me to tears. But when a good meal can do the same (and only one meal, at Emeril’s in Vegas, has ever brought me close to tears), it’s better than any book or movie. Further proof? A good book or movie is that much more enjoyable when I’m snacking on something I adore. It’s one of life’s greatest (and simplest) pleasures. At least for me.

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