Food Inc.


Name a documentary that you think everyone should see.

It’s not very often that a documentary has a lasting impact on how I live my life but after seeing the premiere of Food Inc. at TIFF in 2008, I started trying to eat mostly organic meat, and wherever possible, fruits and vegetables. Clara’s diet is very similar, particularly when it comes to the fruits she eats as well as her milk (always organic). We don’t eat a lot of processed foods either which can be a pain in the ass but it’s worth it, especially when I consider how rarely I’ve gotten sick in the past three years.

If more people cared about the food they consumed, demanded better quaility items on the shelves of their grocery stores, fought for healthy choices to be as affordable as junk food, it’d be a different world. Our children would have a different future.

I don’t understand global ignorance when it comes to the food we put in our body, the fuel we need to live each day.

Also worth seeing? An Inconvenient Truth and Waiting For Superman. Further opportunities to tsk mankind for not being accountable for their behaviors – how does crap like this happen? Seriously?

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