Eight Minute Mile

From plinky.com:

What’s the best way to blow off steam when you’re angry?

Easy. I run.

I don’t get angry very often, but some days, I wake up in a bad mood for no reason. Or because I slept poorly. Or someone pissed me off in a dream (it happens). Or I went to bed later than I should have and Clara was up a lot during the night. Or Netflix was being a flake the night before and I couldn’t get my night-time fix of The Office (and John Krasinki). Fortunately, I don’t often wake up in a bad mood but if I did, it all works out because six days out of seven I’m headed to the gym with Clara shortly after I get up. And regardless of my workout (I’m back to doing Body Pump three days a week, and a lot of hill work on the treadmill to strengthen my knees), I run a little bit each day.

The faster I run, the better I feel. And this week, I (finally) was able to do an eight minute mile. Not a bunch of miles with an average eight minute mile like Taylor thought when I mentioned it (I’m not that fast, not yet) but a single mile in eight minutes. I’ll take it. For now.

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