Family Dinners


Describe what your family dinners are like*:

Most nights I try and get dinner on the table by 5:30, 6:00 at the latest so that we can take Clara outside for a walk before bed if the weathers nice. This is not always the case, especially if Clara and I lose track of time after she gets up from her nap. Easy ways to lose track of time involve laying in the hammock in the garden, playing ring around the rosy, dancing, blowing bubbles or going to the park near our house.

Clara sits at the table with us and can eat pretty well with a fork or a spoon but mostly she prefers her hands. Everything she eats lately is always hot, or so she insists as she holds her hand over her plate. She likes to do cheers numerous times during the meal and she also loves to tap fists with one of us and laughs when we pretend our closed fist is exploding. Sounds effects are necessary.

She’s getting better but for a while, towards the end of the meal she’d either fling her plate and any leftover food to the floor or put her feet on the table. After numerous scoldings and moving her away from the table for a time out, she’s (finally) learning.

We’ve been making an effort to get out for dinner with our friends Dave and Jackie at the neighborhood pub every week to ten days and, in the last month, we’ve also started having them over for Sunday dinner. I’m enjoying cooking again, especially on the weekends when there are extra hands to keep Clara busy. This past weekend, I grilled some rainbow trout on the barbecue with some zucchini slices from the garden and asparagus bundles wrapped in prosciutto, all served alongside mushroom risotto.

I’ve missed cooking, especially for friends.

*This was actually yesterday’s prompt but today’s – Name something you’d like a lifetime supply of – was too easy**, Aveda gift cards because their skin care that I’m using religiously is hard on the wallet so I’m starting with yesterday’s instead.

**Though to be honest, other things I considered taking a life time supply of were also Fluevogs, Lulu Lemon work out clothes, and bacon (so requested by that mostly quiet voice in my head that is certifiably crazy).

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