A Little Bit of Vegas

Last November Taylor went to Vegas with a friend and while there, he remembered that I had commented how much I loved the linens on the bed when we stayed at the Wynn. On this trip, as on all trips, I had somewhat jokingly asked that he bring me back something nice. And as he always does, he had obliged, bringing me back a set of the Wynn sheets that cost as much as the overpriced Kenneth Cole leather boots that he was originally planning to buy me. I’m much happier to have the sheets, in retrospect, since developing a slight obsession with all things Fluevog and having worn my brown Vogs with the buckle almost exclusively through the winter and into the spring.

Prior to sleeping on the Wynn sheets I was previously sleeping on a pair of soft bamboo sheets that were deliciously comfortable and somewhat reasonably priced at $100 a set. And then I slept on the Wynns and I was converted to high quality cotton at a ridiculous price. The bamboo sets (I bought a second pair the very weekend Taylor bought the Wynns) have been passed on to our guest room, much to the pleasure of our recent house guests who commented on them.

I have Wynn sheets, their bathrobe, body wash and body lotion. I’m a sucker when it comes to the luxury of Vegas, coveting anything that I can bring home with me.

And for years, I’ve coveted the ultra-sleek bathroom of the rooms of the West Wing at the MGM. Taupe colored walls and green glass, a plasma television built into the mirror, I always said to Taylor when we got around to redoing our ensuite, the West Wing bathroom would be my inspiration.

Late Monday night, Clara and I arrived home from Halifax. We were in her room, trying to put her to sleep and she wandered down the hall to our room. Taylor followed and I heard him ask her if she was going to check out the new towel racks I had casually requested when he asked me if there was anything I wanted done when I was away. I followed them down the hall, excited by the prospect of new towel racks, and was blown away by what I found instead.

This was our bathroom when we bought the house and our bathroom when I left for Halifax (except I painted the walls green when we moved in)

And this is the bathroom I came home to:

Taylor and his father spent the entire time I was away with Clara building me a new bathroom. New cabinets and sinks, a new ceramic floor, new hardware in the bath and shower. Mosaic tiling above the sinks and around the bath and according to my father-in-law, Taylor tried hard to put in a glass shower and a new tub and likely would have if logistics had allowed. Everything about this bathroom says Vegas to me. The influence of the West Wing is there, in the green and browns. The double sinks, raised to a comfortable height, the lighting positioned at a height the doesn’t cast shadows, the cabinets with their glass shelving.

The shower heads:

And my makeup drawer (!!) that Taylor organized for me:

Seriously. THIS is where I get to get ready each day. How incredibly lucky am I?

Even my skin care matches the greens and grays of the bathroom:

I spent ten days in Florida earlier this year, and ten days in Halifax last week. Next week, I’m driving Clara and I in our new car to Ottawa where we’ll spend the long weekend with Taylor’s aunts. So many awesome trips, I’m overwhelmed by how fortunate I am. And then, then in September we’re headed to Vegas for my birthday and I’ve been craving those bright lights for a couple of years now. And I thought I couldn’t wait for September, for Vegas, that it was impossibly far away.

Except it’s not, it’s closer than I think.

It’s here, a little bit of Vegas, in what has become my favorite room in our house. And I’m not easily surprised, but this, this completely caught me off guard.


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One Response to A Little Bit of Vegas

  1. Tina says:

    You are a very spoiled girl, and you deserve every single bit of it. I can’t wait to use the sheets in your guestroom! 🙂

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