The Start of All Things Random

In an effort to blog more, I’m going to start taking more photos with my iPhone when I see something that strikes me, or makes me laugh, or pisses me off. The beauty of this scheme is that I can do it all using my phone, even posting to my blog.

It’s not much, but it’s something.

This photo would be filed under things that piss me off.

Because we still live in the 60’s and fathers never have to change diapers. Or they never venture into a public space with their child but not the mother of said child. Or, wait a second, a stay-at-home Dad? Such a thing can’t possibly even exist, can it?

Seriously. How much does it actually cost to install a change table in both washrooms?

And don’t get me started on the fact that there were NO change table facilities at the car dealerships we shopped at last month. I ended up changing Clara on the floor of the Subaru board room. The sales guy scolded me for doing it on the floor, he had cleared off the board room table for me to change her there. I said, “Dude, that’s disgusting. You guys EAT off that table. Get a change table in the bathroom.”

We ran into the same problem at the BMW dealership and we spent a lot more time there than at Subaru. At BMW, I changed her in the backseat of the Fit. Not a lot of fun, but kind of funny when Clara managed to escape my grasp and climbed into her car seat wearing her diaper and a smile. At least in the time we were there one of the sales guys thought to go out and buy some toys suitable for toddlers and young kids to have in their lounge area, which will come in handy when I need to bring our new car in for maintenance.

Obviously I never noticed these things before I became a parent and because of that, I can forgive anyone who might look at the above photo and not notice a problem. And it’s not REALLY a problem because most of the times, when I’m actually at the mall I’m there during the week to avoid the weekend crowds so it’s just Clara and me anyway. But if I’m there on the weekend? And we’re on a family outing? And I want a break from changing diapers because isn’t that what weekends are for? Well then, if THAT’S the situation, you better believe I’m going to get pissed off.

Maybe even throw a tantrum because lately, that’s how we communicate in our house.

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One Response to The Start of All Things Random

  1. ALBY says:

    I’m kind of surprised by this b/c most places now seem to have change areas in both. Check out any Chapters/Indigo for instance. If not, family washrooms seem to becoming more and more common, Vaughan Mills is a great example with change kits that include a diaper, wipes and change pad for $1. It’s not a perfect world for parents but I think it’s becoming at least a little more equitable and accessible.

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