Weary X 3

I’m hardly blogging anymore and rarely on Facebook. I send the occasional email and communicate mostly through text; it just seems to be the easiest way to communicate when I’m on the go running errands or spending my mornings at the gym, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately now that my father-in-law recently received his personal training certification and is willing to train me. We’re doing lots of lunges and squats and over-head tricep extensions and assisted deltoid raises and chinups. And we spend what feels like an excessive amount of time on the captain’s chair or doing planks and while I might be complaining, my core is thanking me. Plus I’m still trying to run as much as I can, 3-4 times a week and while I slowed down a bit when I caught Clara’s cold a couple of weeks ago, I still managed a 6 mile run on Sunday after a week of indulgence in both food and drink while I entertained and hosted one of my oldest friend’s from Halifax, along with her family, last week.

Physically, I’m tired.

Clara caught a cold last week, complete with giant green snot bubbles that she blows from her nose and when I go near her with a Kleenex she goes completely ballistic. She’s sporadically eats, eating multiple breakfasts and then refusing food the rest of the day, she won’t nap, is snoring loudly at night because she can’t breathe because she’s so stuffed up and will not let anyone hold her for any length of time except for me. She’s a sniveling, crying, cranky, snotty mess and the past 72 hours have been less than fun.

This helped though, when we both crawled onto my bed yesterday in our underwear; Clara finally napped and I watched an episode of The Office.

Mentally, I’m tired.

This morning, Clara and I were driving to the gym as we normally do. At a major intersection, I decided to get in the far left lane rather than the far right lane which I normally use. The right lane ends soon after the intersection, merging into the lane next to it and I’m usually through the intersection long before the other cars have even started moving.

This morning, from the far left lane, I watched a car run the red light and hit the car in the far right lane. The lane I’m in most mornings, with Clara in the back seat. And as I watched the car that ran the red light spin repeatedly in front of me, even as I was braking to avoid being part of the accident, all I could think about was that little voice in my head that told me to get in the left lane.

Emotionally, I’m tired.

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One Response to Weary X 3

  1. Jody says:

    Thank goodness you weren’t in your usual lane! One of the first thoughts Andy and I had the night we were smashed into was thank god the kids weren’t in the back seat – its too horrifying to contemplate.

    Hopefully Clara gets better soon and you get the rest you need… perhaps while in Nova Scotia. I know someone who is certainly looking forward to helping all she can 😉 Miss the both of you loads. Lots of love xoxo

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