I wish we were still there, and Clara and I were splashing in the surf at Delray Beach. Clara falling asleep against my shoulder while the rest of us sat on the beach, watching a hawk overhead circling and then diving for fish.

Biking around Key Biscayne, hanging out at the pool, listening to music and drinking beer and Strongbow. Finding designer shoes at ridiculously discounted prices ($90 Guess sandals for $21? Yes, please).

The absolutely exquisite dinner that Stacy and I had at Joseph’s (yes, the same place where my wallet was stolen two years ago) with the impeccable food, the impeccable service and impeccable company (this deserves a blog post of it’s own).

Nights in the hot tub, after Clara eventually fell asleep, with more beer and more Strongbow.

Morning runs, in the humidity and the heat, wearing a lot less clothes than I’m comfortable wearing in public but the smell of the flowers and the sight of those big white birds lifting into the air as I ran by made me forget that I was running around the neighborhood wearing very little clothes.

Clara crawling into her little inflatable pool in her dress, sandals and hat, the glee on her face to be in the pool fully dressed.

How I wish I was still there.

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One Response to Florida

  1. Stacy says:

    Me too, sister. Me too.

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