Day Twenty-Two: Picture Of You On This Day*

So let me say this about this particular photo. I’m suffering from my first cold in over two years, I didn’t sleep last night because Clara is refusing to sleep in her crib and when she’s in bed with us, she moves SO MUCH that sleep is impossible (at least for me, she stays away from her father’s side of the bed) and on top of everything else, I’m doing a lot of freelance work in the evening after taking care of Clara all day long. Need further proof? Last night I boiled a pot of pasta (tri-colored fusilli, but still) and dumped primavera sauce from a jar into a pot to serve on top of it and called it dinner.

Yep, this is exhaustion setting in.

*Making blogging fun (and easy) again by participating in this 30 Day Challenge.

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One Response to Day Twenty-Two: Picture Of You On This Day*

  1. Tina says:

    Joey went through this stage of not wanting to sleep in his crib and I brought him in bed with me. I’m STILL fighting with him on coming into our bed. He likes to try and sneak in during the middle of the night. But I still think it’s worth it. Nothing better than morning snuggles. I’ll give up a good night’s sleep for them any day, becuase they won’t always be there to receive. 🙂

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