Day Seven: Favorite TV Show*

Anyone that knows me well will likely think that my answer to this will be Mad Men. I’ve certainly gone on and on at length about this show and have not been discreet about my obsessive lust for Don Draper.

And to be fair, when the current season is airing, it’s THE show that I look forward to watching every week. I love how stylish it is, and sleek, but also how ruthless. I find the in-depth look at the 60’s – both in the office, at home, and in seedy bars and glitzy hotels where the affairs happen – completely and utterly fascinating. It tells the truth in an unapologetic way and doesn’t gloss over how difficult life could be for the average housewife. Or the average kid, if your mother was anything like Betty Draper (and I’m guessing there were a lot of mothers like that). And of course it has Don Draper – dark and brooding, sometimes cruel and often unlikabe but charming when he needs to be and ALWAYS sexy.

But another show had my heart long before Mad Men came along and if Mad Men is my television crack, this show was my bread and water for as long as it was on the air. It never disappointed, was flawless from the beginning to the very end, had so much talent – in the regular cast and the not so regulars – and was so well written that I hung on to ever word, using dialogue so realistic that Nate Fisher’s constant use of the word fuck always seemed necessary and never excessive.

I am, of course, referring to Six Feet Under.

One of my favorite scenes, one of my favorite Radiohead songs. So freaking brilliant.

*Making blogging fun (and easy) again by participating in this 30 Day Challenge.

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