Day Three: Favorite Musician*

 Musician to me implies singular, an individial so if you wanted to answer this with Radiohead, I would think you’d need to say,  Thom Yorke (from Radiohead). Or if your answer was The Black Keys, then would you have to pick between Dan Auerbach or Patrick Carney? And what about Broken Bells? Brian Burton or James Mercer?

(See how I did that? Included a bunch of my current favorite music (musicians) without committing to an absolute favorite?)

And if that theory works, then quite likely the answer to that question would be John Lennon because The Beatles are well, The Beatles. And I have so much respect for what John Lennon did to change the world, and not just in how we listen to music. (If Clara had been a boy, I would have tried very hard to figure out how to include Lennon as part of the name.)

I’m going to go with the first person that popped into my head when I gave today’s challenge some serious thought, and that was Beck. Hands down. Part of the criteria for my choice was having seen him in concert (and I’m notoriously picky for who I’ll see in concert). And I’ve said before that Beck was the best concert I’ve been too. (Second was Vampire Weekend at the ampitheatre last summer. Love them, love the venue. If there’s a “Favorite Band” question on here, I’m telling you right now, it’s Vampire Weekend. ).

I haven’t heard everything that Beck has produced, probably not enough half of what he’s contributed to the music scene. But Modern Guilt is one of my favorite albums still and songs like Where It’s At, Loser, Soldier Jane, Think I’m in Love, Nausea, Qué Onda Guero, Hell Yes, Leopard-Skin-Pill-Box Hat and Timebomb are all songs that I can listen to over and over. Love them.

He’s worked with Jack White of the White Stripes and Danger Mouse, and recently worked with Charlotte Gainsbourg on her album, writing music and lyrics, and produced and mixed the album. (Trick Pony and Heaven Can Wait get a lot of play around here these days).

According to Wikipedia, “Beck has been hailed by critics and the public throughout his musical career as being amongst the most creative and idiosyncratic musicians of 1990s and 2000salternative rock.”

I never really considered myself to be alternative rock kind of girl, but there you have it.

Oh, and he’s Giovanni Ribisi’s brother-in-law. (Interesting triva fact, right?) And though I didn’t list Giovanni as my favorite actor two days ago, I’ve not forgotten about him. Maybe he’ll get the biggest honor of all in this challenge, Day 35’s, the person in this world I’m most attracted too, but he might just be runner up, because that spot might be reserved for Don Draper. Sorry, Giovanni (should I also apologize to my husband? 🙂 ).

*Making blogging fun (and easy) again by participating in this 30 Day Challenge.

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One Response to Day Three: Favorite Musician*

  1. Stacy says:

    I might have to start this myself! It sounds fun!
    I think Lennon would be a really kick ass name for a kid, boy or girl! Especially if you’re that big a fan of Jon Lennon!

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