Blog Challenge

A few weeks ago I participated in a blog/Facebook challenge which consisted of writing a list of hard lessons that I’ve learned over the years – one for every year of my life. I took the challenge rather seriously, and some of my lessons were heavier than I’d intended and I realized that a short blurb of a paragraph was hardly descriptive enough.

So in honor of the new blog and in an effort to blog more (dare I say daily), I’m going to tackle each lesson and go into greater detail. I’ll start tomorrow (err later today) when it’s not 3:33am and I’m counting the minutes till I can go back to bed. They’ll be in no particular order so if you’re reading and would like to suggest one to start with or one that I should do next at any point during the challenge, feel free.

The list is at the top of the page under the tab “A Very Serious List”.

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