On Sunday Morning

As much as I love my daughter, I’ve come to realize very quickly that I’m going to sometimes need a break from her, a break that lasts more than the thirty or forty-five minute nap that she’s taking. Of course, she does go to bed now anytime between 7 and 9pm, but when that time rolls around and the house is quiet, I’m usually too zonked to want to do anything other than get in my last pumping session for the day, watch an hour or so of television with Tay and then hurry to bed so that I can get in three to four hours of sleep before I either have to get up with Clara and/or pump again.

Last week I suggested to Tay that we each take one morning on the weekend during which we could do whatever we wanted, by ourselves. Since there’s an early morning Body Pump class that I wanted to go to on Sunday that also fits into my gym schedule for the rest of the week, I took Sunday and Tay got Saturday. On Friday night, Tay set his alarm so he could get up before 7 to make the most of his morning – the clock stops at noon but starts whenever we get up and he was down in the basement shortly after seven am playing the latest Final Fantasy.

I set my own alarm clock for Sunday morning, which I slept through but woke just a few minutes afterwards – got up and pumped and through on my gym clothes and was out of the house by 8am to make the 8:15 class. I was back at the house just after 9:30 (after having stopped to buy a couple of cartons of ice cream – which I’m obsessed with lately – and the Superstore has these Ice-cream shoppe style ice creams that come in quarts; I got Marshmallow chocolate swirl for me and for Tay his usual chocolate mint). I got home to find Clara sleeping in her pack and play in the living room and Tay on the laptop and despite wanting desperately to go back to bed for a couple of hours of uninterrupted sleep I opted to do what Tay did the day before, and headed down to the basement to play a couple of hours of Heavy Rain on the PS3. I finished the morning with a bath in which I read, and when the water had cooled off sufficiently, Clara joined me in the tub for a bit of splashing.

Gym, some gaming, a long hot bath with a good book – a lovely Sunday morning, not exactly lazy with the gym thrown in there, but just what I wanted.

Here it is Monday morning, and I’m already thinking about the things that I might do NEXT Sunday. So far on my list of possible things to do on my Sunday mornings are:

  • Body Pump
  • Sleep
  • Have a bath and read
  • Lay on the hammock and read
  • Lay on the hammock and sleep
  • Go to Cora’s and order eggs benedict and read my current book club selection
  • Go to a 10am movie at the AMC and only pay $6
  • Invite a friend to join me at Cora’s or for the movie
  • Go for a pedicure or a massage or both
  • Play one of our many video games on one of our many gaming consoles
  • Go for a bike ride with my camera

The great thing about this list of things to do is that I can start with the Body Pump class and also do one of the other things that’s on the list. Unless of course, I want to sleep in but I can’t really do that anyhow since I need to be up by 7, 8 at the latest to pump. Of course, there’s something nice about going back to bed once you’ve already been up, especially on a rainy Sunday morning.

What else could or should be on this list?

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