Maybe I Should Become a Chef in Halifax and Have the Best of Both Worlds

I ate a lot of yummy things in Halifax last week including some of my favorites: May Garden chinese, a Kaisers Sub and finally, a donair, at 1am Saturday morning after getting back from downtown (I purposely had just a soup and a small salad for my dinner to save room for the donair).

We spent the day at the beach on Thursday, and ate sandwhiches and Doritoes on blankets on the sand while we listened to the Beach Boys. The funniest thing happened as my brother ate his sandwhich and danced and sang along to the music. Just as he uttered the words that this was a really good sandwhich (like really good), his dancing got the best of him and his sandwhich flew from his hand and landed in the sand. He attempted to brush off the sandwhich but without any luck and kinda sort of sighed (the remaining sandwhiches all had mustard on it which he hates) before he shrugged, tossed the sandwhich in the garbage and resumed enjoying the sun and the music.

That night, my mother cooked her panfried haddock that I love, and I ate 5 pieces of it, ignoring the potatoes and the beans that she made to accompany it. The next day, Jody and Stacy and I headed to Chester for lunch where we sat on the deck of the Rope Loft in their Muskoka chairs and ate bruschetta, scallops and fish and chips.

For dinner that night, we headed into Halifax for some greek food at It’s All Greek to Me – I eagerly anticipated this meal perhaps more than any other meal during the trip (well, I kind of wanted the donair most of all) and for the first time on the trip I had an appetizer (sharing tzatziki and pita and a plate of olives with my sisters), an entree (the horiatiki salad with tomatoes, cucumber, olives and feta with a chicken souvlaki skewer, more tzatziki and some pita on the side) and dessert (loukoumathes, 6 of them of which I could only eat 2).

I was in Halifax for 10 days and did not cook a single meal.

On Sunday, after I flew in from Halifax (after eating the other half of my donair for breakfast) Tay and I drove downtown to do our selections for TIFF and afterwards, we went to East! on Queen Street for some thai. By the time we got home, I was too exhausted to cook anything for dinner and instead slept for a couple of hours on my bed, before getting up and sharing leftovers that Tay had in the fridge from the night before. Yesterday evening was the first meal that I prepared in almost two weeks and as mentioned in my previous post, I made a pasta sauce with some of the tomatoes from the garden, some garlic, onion, salt and and olive oil and added the sauce to the organic italian sausage meatballs that Tay rolled for me and that I then browned in a frying pan. Boiled some penne and added it to the sauce and served the plates of pasta with fresh basil from the garden and freshly grated parmesan.

I ate very well in Halifax, lots of yummy things, but nothing quite compared to the meal that I prepared myself last night, using fresh ingredients from the garden and good, quality ingredients that I have come to rely on when I cook. There’s still a ton of sausage in the freezer and still two big bowls of tomatoes on our kitchen table – I see me making this meal again this week and even though I’ve just had it (and the leftovers for lunch today), I am already looking forward to it.
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2 Responses to Maybe I Should Become a Chef in Halifax and Have the Best of Both Worlds

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m a lurker (as opposed to a stalker) via Jody. I highly recommend making gazpatcho with your garden harvest. If you’re missing home grown cucs, there should be plenty in the markets around you. I had everything this year from MY OWN GARDENS to make a batch. I live in Hhx southend with very limited garden space but I manage toms in buckets, cucs in buckets, garlic in gardens,parsley that was so kind to self sow in gardens, hot peppers in buckets and every imagineable herb in pots. Bon appetite!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ooops. My name would be Crystal.

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