Not Quite Contrary Mary

Sunday morning I was awake at 6:30 so that I could get out into the garden before the humidity hit. The garden has been flourishing this year and if I don’t stay on top of it (which I haven’t been) it becomes incredibly dense, which makes it difficult to get at the vegetables as they ripen.

I spent a good eight to nine hours in the garden four weeks ago while Tay was finishing the patio stones with our neighbor’s son, and two weeks later, it had grown back so much that you couldn’t even tell that I had been out there.

When I went out Sunday morning at 7am, it looked like this:

This guy kept me company while I worked:

By the time, I finished, FIVE hours later, it looked like this:

I will need to go out again on Thursday morning and lay down three bags of compost and treat it with some Miracle Gro – another couple of hours I expect.

I didn’t mind all the work because the garden is a very nice place to be, especially now that the patio areas are all finished.

We had friends over Sunday night, and had dinner outside. None of us wanted to go inside, even when it grew darker, the mosquitoes came out and we knew we had to work in the morning. It was a mexican fiesta, with fresh salsa that I made using stuff from the garden – four types of tomatoes, two types of hot peppers (cayenne and jalepeno) and onion. We had guacamole and a chilled cucumber soup, chicken fajitas (with fresh bell peppers, picked last week), chorizo tacos and ice cream cake for dessert (with fresh berries).

The salsa made the work in the garden SO worth it, and so did the dinner the following night which included the following from the garden:

Green beans, which were quickly boiled, blanched and added to the mushrooms, red onion and walnuts that I sauted in butter.

Plus tomato salad for me, which Tay doesn’t eat:

And some of Tay’s cheese toast which is one of the reasons I married him:

(All with steaks that I got at the Healthy Butcher but didn’t photograph.)

My father grew up on a farm – I think that gardening is perhaps in my blood.

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