Hello, My Name Is ______?

Last week after we finished running around getting me my new ID we stopped at Danier to see if they had any more of the wallets that I had gotten for Christmas (and that I, ironically, had bought a second one as a birthday gift for a friend of mine that loved mine so much). I didn’t hold out much hope that they would have one, at least not in the color that mine originally was (eggplant), and particularily because the wallets were marked down from $59 to $29. It was a long shot but we tried and the ladies at Danier were nice enough to check their computers to see if they could track one down for me at some of the other stores. They did find a couple downtown but both of them were black and I hesitated when they told me this but then, stubbornly, said that I wanted purple. Or red at least. I didn’t want green, since that was the color that I got for my friend and black is just boring. Some would say that you can barely tell that the purple one is purple because it’s so dark that it almost looks black except that it’s not. It’s purple. Or rather, eggplant.

They kept searching through the inventory in the system however and found one in Burlington that they managed to have sent out for me even though they don’t usually do inter-store transfers on things that are on sale for $29 but it so happened that the manager at the store in Burlington used to be the manager at the store that I was at and she was happy to send it out. I got the call today from Danier that my wallet was in and stopped on my way home to get it.

And then, when I got home from work this evening there were a bunch of envelopes waiting for me with replacement credit cards and client cards and I conveniently had a brand new wallet to put them in. After dinner, I set about calling to activate the credit cards while signing the back of each card. As I dialed the RBC activation number, I flipped the card over to get the Visa number and realized that my RBC bank account is still listed under my old name whereas all the rest of my ID has been changed to my married name. And of course, when I flipped both cards over, I had signed them using my married name.

Hello, my name is _____?

I ended up having to talk to three different RBC phone operators to explain what I had done and I think they all thought I was an idiot by the way they laughed at me, but of course each of them were men and they likely have never gone through a name change and had various pieces of IDs with different names on it. Or had two different signatures. Or ever had to differentiate between Miss, Ms or Mrs for that matter. (I insist on using Ms even though I’ve been told before I shouldn’t because I changed my name and therefore I’m clearly married and that Ms. is only used when you don’t know if a female is married or not. And I think that’s stupid. Just because I changed my name doesn’t mean I HAVE to be a Mrs., which I find outdated and offensive and ridiculous. But I suppose there are those that could argue that changing your name is outdated, offensive and ridiculous). The second guy I spoke too suggested that I just change the name on the cards to my married name and I agreed to do that but when he transferred me to the third guy, I was told that in order to request a name change, I would have to go into a branch with official ID. I would have thrown my hands up in the air if I wasn’t holding a phone in one hand and a Visa in the other because the last thing I want to do on this weekend is go into another branch to request new cards when I had done that the week before.

I said I didn’t want to have to do that and he agreed to send me out a new Visa and client card, both of which should be here in five to seven business days but he did encourage me to go into a branch sometime soon and request a name change so that the cards would match the rest of my ID. Sure, I said. I’ll get on that as soon as it becomes important enough to me, which right now, it’s not. I barely even use my RBC cards anyhow, opting to use our joint CIBC cards for all my daily banking.

Of course, when I cancelled my cards last week, RBC had put in a request for a new client card for me and then I went into the branch to request a temporary one and once they issued the temporary card, it submitted a request for another card that would replace my temporary card. The card that was already in the mail when I requested the temporary one was 10, the temporary card was 11 and number 12 would also arrive and it was the card that I was meant to use. Of course, I opened up the envelope that had number 12 in it and THAT was the card that I mistakenly signed because it would have been too easy if I had signed number 10 the wrong way.

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2 Responses to Hello, My Name Is ______?

  1. Katitude says:

    Black is not boring; it is classic *grin.

  2. Tawny says:

    I wear as much black as anyone else and don’t even ask how many pairs of black shoes I have :). A black handbag is essential (and yes, classic) and goes with everything but your wallet doesn’t need to match so I say mix it UP!! 🙂

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