A Whiter Shade of Pale

I am probably one of the palest people that I know, and I blame it entirely on my mother’s genes and the resulting red hilights that I tend to get when my hair is it’s natural color.

I’m not a sun goddess and never have been and prior to the trip to Florida I bought two different cans of Aveeno sunblock – a 45 SPF and a 30 SPF. My logic was that I would use the 45 the first week and, once I’ve built up enough of a base, move on to the 30. But so far, we’re on only day 4 and I’ve pretty much depleted the 45 because I can’t stop myself from spraying it on myself until my skin glistens. I love the crazy freckles that I get from being in the sun but do not love the sun burn that I’m prone to get.

I plan on doing before and after pictures to document my Florida tan; the below photos were taken on day 2 of our holidays and that’s AFTER spending the morning running, playing tennis and then laying by the pool. Can you imagine how much paler I was BEFORE I got here?

I can’t.

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