Waiting for the Hot Tub To Heat Up

We’re at the house in West Palm Beach, having arrived last night just after midnight.

We spent today settling in – had breakfast at the local IHOP with the local seniors (it’s just up the street and we were hungry) and went to the local discount liquor store to stock up on Strongbow and Dos Equis and then over to the mall in Boco Raton where we happily discovered they have a Grande Lux Cafe – we were full from breakfast so filed that away for later use. Tay bought some stuff at the Art of Shaving and I picked up ANOTHER minted rose lip balm at Sephora (this is my third, they seem to keep DISAPPEARING). From there we stopped at the grocery store to pick up snacks and beverages and breakfast foods (yogurt and strawberries and granola for me – yum!) and a couple of steaks for dinner. By the time we got back to the house it was after 5 – we rode the bikes over to the pool for a bit before coming back to the house for dinner – Tay barbequed while I tossed together a ceasar salad and threw some garlic bread in the oven.

We’re now sitting on the screened in terrace out back; Tay is tapping away on his iphone while mine is playing hooked up to the portable speakers I brought outside with us (Playing right now? Funhouse, by Pink!). My laptop is appropriately on my lap and the hot tub is heating up. I’m counting the minutes until I can take my glass of wine and slip into the water.

Can I just say how MUCH I love it here? I mean, I slept until after 10 this morning, jerking awake rather suddenly only when Tay put his hand on my back to stir me. I NEVER get to sleep until 10 but I’m not going to make a habit of it, because for the rest of our time here I plan on getting up early to run before the heat hits, then we’ll either hit the tennis courts or the golf course and when we’re sufficiently tired, a nap by the pool and some lunch will be required. Followed by more tennis or golf, and then another nap by the pool, dinner, and then guess what we’ll do?

Soak in the hot tub.

(At some point we’ll leave this little gated community paradise to find the local beach, and hit the Keys, Miami (Little Havana!), and hopefully Cape Canaveral for this. I may never come home.


(The last photo is for Dave, who said I had to take a photo of my toes with their bright purple nail polish. He was very specific in his photo request – he wants my toes in white sand against the blue backdrop of the ocean, but for now, this will have to do. At least the backdrop colors are the right ones, and there IS water behind the chair.)

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One Response to Waiting for the Hot Tub To Heat Up

  1. Fern Wimpley says:

    Sounds absolutely perfect! Enjoy!

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