NOT Made in China

My walk to and from work from the train station each day is about 3km round trip, and I do this walk year round, regardless of the weather. On most mornings, I’m one of the few people braving the -25 degree weather while the other commuters chose instead to ride the subway to their offices or, at the very least, be one of the hundreds of people that crowd the underground, all of them going in the same direction, at the same pace, brief cases swinging. I’ve walked the underground a couple of times and promptly got lost and claustrophobic on both occasions and after the last time, when I surfaced not even close to where I was aiming, I vowed that I wouldn’t take it again. With that as an alternative, I returned above ground, walking the few blocks to my office, even on mornings when it’s so cold that I can’t even catch my breath.

With all these freezing cold walks looming in my future, at least until early March, I mentioned to Tay that I would like a pair of Uggs for Christmas to make my walk from the station that much warmer and that much more comfortable. I have a pair of tall brown leather boots with a flat heel that I wear during really wet, slushy mornings but I wanted something even more substantial on those crisp blue mornings where it’s so bright that it hurts your eyes. I told Tay exactly what I wanted (tall boots, in chocolate brown) and warned him that they’d be expensive.

Expensive, yes, but better than having cold feet.

Tay came to me one morning and asked me if I had done any reading up on the Ugg brand of the boot and I looked at him blankly and said, no, I didn’t need to, I like them and I want them, I really need to have them, please, please please and then he asked me if I knew they were made in China.

No, I said, I did not. Because they’re Ugg Australia. Doesn’t that imply that they’re an Australian product? Because, ugg boots ARE after all, a product of Australia, so logic should indicate that they’re made where they originate. Or so you’d think.

Tay showed me the site that confirmed that Ugg Australias are indeed made in China and asked me if I really wanted him to spend $300 on a boot that was made in China.

I wonder if most people wouldn’t have cared, would have still wanted the boots, even knowing that they’re likely being made in some factory where the worker is getting paid probably a buck a day and then sold on the market for 300 times that amount.

I wanted the boots, but… not if they were from China.

I was disappointed but not really – it wouldn’t be the first time that I snubbed a product because of wear it was made. Case in point, I stopped buying my workout gear from Lulu Lemon shortly after finding out that their clothes aren’t technically made in Canada. I still wear my Lulu when I go to the gym, but I do it grudgingly, because I don’t want to go out and buy new gear, and besides which, the stuff I had was expensive to buy. I got suckered into buying overpriced clothes made in a factory overseas once before, I wasn’t about to again.

But then Tay told me about some other boots that he had found online, boots called Kiwi Sheepskin and he pulled me into his office so that he could show me their website and their about page where they state very clearly that their boots are made not even in Australia, but in New Zealand.

How exotic, I thought to myself, staring at the boots on their product page. Not your every day Ugg that every other teen girl seems to be scuffing around in these days, but something unusual, something that would not be common, something that was actually made in the country where the boot originates from.

“They’re beautiful,” I declared and had to have them.

On Christmas morning, I eagerly shook every box, hoping to find a box that was lighter than the rest and likely to have my boots tucked inside. I wasn’t disappointed either, on of the last gifts I opened had these waiting for me:

The ones I got from my lovely husband are the dark brown ones, the middle pair, and as you can see from the diagram, they’re EXTRA TALL and they’re so tall they almost go to my knee. When I wore them to a friend’s house the other week, she saw them and loved them and said she had never seen Uggs that high and I said, probably not because these? These fantastic boots? They’re from NEW ZEALAND.

I’m so obsessed with my Kiwis that I’ve been spending a lot of time on their website lately, coveting other pairs and when I stalked their site earlier late last week I found that they’re having a sale to clear out some of their stock. I was fully prepared to buy a second pair of their boots at their regular price because their prices are so reasonable (I believe Tay paid $150 for the pair I got for Christmas which is HALF the price that Uggs would have cost and they’re now even cheaper, on for $125). There’s been one pair that I’ve been coveting in particular and in fact had been debating getting when Tay first showed me the site before Christmas and they were $130 but when I checked their site last week, I saw that they were on sale for $113. Done and done. THESE beautiful boots are on their way to me RIGHT NOW having been shipped out the same day I ordered them.

The other day when I was visiting my friend Anna Lee her mother commented on my boots when she saw them by the door and asked where I got them. They’re from New Zealand, I explained proudly and then went on the confess to having ordered a second pair. They’re beautiful, she said and I agreed. When I was getting ready to leave Anna Lee couldn’t help but ask if she could slip her feet into one of them and I said, YES, PLEASE DO because these boots are addictive like I imagine crack must be and I want to share my addiction with as many people as I can.

Anna Lee asked me to give her the link, which I will happily do, but I’m also going to post it here because as far as I’m concerned, every girl has a right to sheepskin boots that are made in New Zealand and are so, so affordable.

And they’re NOT made in China.

(Note the big clearance banner across the top!)

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4 Responses to NOT Made in China

  1. Tina says:

    And you make fun of my Crocs. I’m sorry my deal friend, those are UGLY. 🙂

  2. Tawny says:

    Considering how cold it is in the places you’ve lived over the past few years, I don’t see how you wouldn’t want to live in a pair of uggs.As for the crocs, I guess I feel about them the way you feel about flip flops – as far as I’m concerned, they’re meant for gardening AND THAT’S IT :p.

  3. Tina says:

    I’ll make a post for you later today and take a picture of MY boots for you. 🙂

  4. Fern Wimpley says:

    I think they’re beautiful! Did you get a smaller size than you’d normally wear? That’s what you have to do with Uggs/Emus.

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