Vegas Snob

When I was in Halifax back in October, Stacy, Dawn and myself had a conversation while waiting for a table at Cora’s that was my first real indication of what a pretentious gal I’ve become when it comes to travelling. Dawn posted about it on her blog and you can find it here (it’s the second post from the top, dated October 20th) but basically, we had been arguing about whether or not there was a Sephora in England. I argued that there was one, the other two insisted that there was not. It was only when I described the store and what I had purchased that it made sense to Dawn and Stacy which Sephora I was talking about. Except it wasn’t in England, it was in France, more specifically Paris, and more specifically than that, the Champs D’Elysee. Upon hearing ourselves, we fell into an embarassed silence as we reflected on how spoiled we’ve been on our travels.

There’s a very good chance that Tay will be going away on business in February and he is of course going to Vegas, which is one of his most favorite places to visit and it’s certainly high on my list of enjoyable places to travel. I’ve of course been there numerous times so I wasn’t too concerned about missing a trip to that crazy city until I realized that I was owed some time off, and that it was looking like the best time for me to take advantage of it was going to be right around the time that Tay was going to be away.

I started to contemplate joining him while he was away, pictured days where I would sleep late and go for leisurely long runs along the strip, the meals we would eat. But above all else, I pictured myself laying by the pool, magazine in lap, margarita in hand while he worked.

And then Tay reminded me that while the weather in Vegas would be pleasant, much more so than the -21 we’re dealing with here, it wasn’t going to be nearly warm enough to lay by the pool. In fact, it was likely that the pools wouldn’t even be open and with that thought, the fantasy bubble above my head burst into lime-scented vapor.

I sighed in disappointed and agreed that perhaps it did not make sense for me to go along, because why else would I go to Vegas if not to lounge by the pool?

A couple of days after I had accepted that I would not be going, Tay casually mentioned that he might see if he could get a room at the Wynn. The rates there have been incredibly low there lately, with a standard room going for $129 and I visibly perked up at the mention of the Wynn.

The Wynn is by far, my most favorite place to stay out of any hotel that I’ve ever stayed in. Tay and I have stayed in numerous beautiful hotels up and down the strip – the most notable being Bellagio and the West Wing at the MGM – but no hotel has ever made as lasting impression on me as the Wynn Las Vegas. I can still remember, so clearly, standing in our room on the 57th floor, at 4 in the morning, before the floor length window and staring out at the strip below. Wearing only my underwear, having just been busted out of a poker hand that was easily worth more than I make in a week.

When I think Vegas, and everything that it should be, I think Wynn.

“Well,” I said. “If you’re going to stay at the Wynn, then that changes EVERYTHING.”

Tay laughed, as if he thought I was joking except he doesn’t know how absolutely serious I am. I wouldn’t care if the pool was open or not, mostly because I’d spend the entire time either sleeping in the soft bed with the cool white sheets, or lounging in the marble soaker tub watching the flatscreen TV. Or maybe I would stay up all night, standing before the full length window, staring out at the strip below.

But chances are, Tay’s going to have to stay in whatever hotel his colleagues are staying at, and it very well might not be the Wynn. Which is truly disappointing because if he’s not staying at the Wynn, I’ll probably just stay at home.

Yes, I’ve actually admitted to this. Admitted to NOT going to Vegas because of the choice of hotel.

And yes, I’m aware of how that sounds. I’m aware of how spoiled and petty and just pretentious it is to pass up a trip to one of my favorite cities because of the hotel I won’t be staying in.

I make no apology, because it’s the Wynn. And if it’s not the Wynn, well…then it’s just another trip to Vegas.

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3 Responses to Vegas Snob

  1. Katitude says:

    Well, to make up for the no Wynn situation (pun intended), we’ll have to go and have martinis at the Park Hyatt!

  2. Fern Wimpley says:

    You should come here!It’s -25 today, so I can’t promise better weather, but I CAN promise naps with yours truly. OR! Fly me up to yours!

  3. Here’s my snobby comment:I so much prefer the Sephora store at the Venetian to the one along the Champs D’Elysee.😉

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