Because One Exclamation Mark is Not Enough

When I was home last week, Stacy spent a considerable amount of time playing with my iphone, despite her initial mistrust of the device, which, according to her was not practical since if you lost it, you would lose your entire life. This is true in the sense that the phone does everything, but it’s not the phone’s fault because it’s so cool. It’s like hating the prettiest girl in your class just because they’re pretty. It’s not their fault, really.

Her curiousity seemed to get the better of her however, and I spent some time one evening showing her the features of the phone – the text messaging platform and the phone interface and the ipod of course, and she even loaded up the facebook application one morning when we sat in Second Cup and she marvelled at being online using the phone. But what she seemed the most impressed by were the smaller things – like the calculator that, held one way, is a regular calculator but when turned another way, became scientific. She loved the games that I downloaded – Sudoko and Brain Tuner and Tris which is exactly like Tetris. I boasted about my high scores on Tris and how nobody could beat my high score of 15,000 and that, of course, was a challenge that Stacy could not resist. My phone last week spent more time in her hands than in mine, with her even going so far as to confiscate it from me the night I went to movies with my brother while she worked in the projection room above us.

Half way through the week, she beat my Tris score, while we were driving home from dinner with Dawn one night and from there, she went on to erase each and every one of my scores that I had spent countless hours working towards during the film festival.

And if it wasn’t enough that she was taking over the high score board, she couldn’t just add her name like most others would, but instead she had to list herself as Stacy rocks!!! Notice the use of three exclamation points, because just one exclamation mark wouldn’t be enough. Of course, Stacy rocks!!! was further emphasized by Dawn, who quickly realized how annoyed I was by the whole thing and would chirp whenever she could, “Who rocks?” To which Stacy, of course, would reply: “Stacy rocks!!!”

Oh, the torment.

Last night, she asked if I had seen the Tris score board and I quickly replied that I would hate her if I didn’t love her so damn much.

And I do love her, despite her being a constant thorn in my side when it came to my damn phone and how, everytime I turned around, she was asking for my phone and I would hand it over with much resignation, knowing that yet one more of my score would be wiped from the board.

I love her for the night we sat on the cold steps across from Pogue’s and she told me the story about the night she found a bible on those very steps and, in her drunken state she started to read out loud various passages and how, eventually, people started stopping to listen to her and eventually she had a crowd of six or seven people gathered around her as she quoted scripture.

I love her because of the nap we had Sunday afternoon after being out late the night before and how it felt to nestle into her softness and her warmth and how it was the best part of my day. I love her for the subsequent sleeps we had, when she wouldn’t care when I would elbow her during the night to get her to stop snoring, or the startled way she jerked away when I flicked the tip of her nose while she slept (and didn’t punch me in the face like I deserved). I love her for the Stacy song that she played over and over and the way she would sing it as loudly as she could. I love her for singing the Pochantas song while we kayaked Mersey River.

Last night I grabbed my phone, thinking that I would begin the long and difficult task of getting myself back on Tris scoreboad and as I loaded the scores to see just what score I had to get to, Stacy rocks!!! was there, still, over and over, one after the other. From the top, all the way to the bottom with the exception of the very last score which did not say Stacy rocks!!!

Instead, it said, Stacy loves Tawny.

I am defeated. I can’t fight my way back onto the score board because to do so, would mean that I would have to erase those three little words that mean so much.

Oh, sister. I love you so much.
Coming next: The story of the sunglasses and the Mersey River Texas Chainsaw Massacre Country General Store aka DELIVERANCE.
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5 Responses to Because One Exclamation Mark is Not Enough

  1. Jody says:

    I love you both so much. I wish I could have been there, but at the same time I’m happy that you two got this time together. I adore the photos of you. Love you,Jods.

  2. Katitude says:

    Dammit…I want a sister so much right now.

  3. AWWWW… Sweet and devious…because putting “stacy loves tawny”, she knew you wouldn’t want to erase it.Who rocks?!(hehehe)

  4. Fern Wimpley says:

    I loved this post so much.I loved our week together even MORE. But I love something more than our week together, I love YOU!Miss you bunches xoxo

  5. Taylor says:

    Sooo manipulative! I’d have paid to be there the night Stacy would have been referred to passerbys as ‘that crazy jesus-freak’.As for the loosing your life… how about this… Don’t loose the phone. 🙂 Yeesh.Actually the phones have GPS/AGPS in them, my guess is Rogers would be able to track it if it still had power.Oh and also it syncs with iTunes (on your desktop, or MobileMe on the internet) so you wouldn’t permanently loose anything as long as you sync on a regular basis, as for anything personal on it, it has a lockout mode. I think, though I’m not sure, that it can completely lock itself after a number of invalid password attempts and you have to take it into Rogers to get them to unlock it (requiring ID/etc..yadda yadda).

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