Weekend Guest

Our friends Dave and Jackie ended up having to go to Montreal for the weekend for a trade show and they asked us if we would mind watching their dog Flex while they were away.

We’ve had Flex over to the house on numerous occasions; he’s spent countless hours hanging out at our house with us and he also came to the cottage with us earlier this summer. Tay and I haven’t had him stay with us though without Dave and Jackie here too, not even for a few hours so at first we were a little apprehensive to have him for four days but we said yes anyway.

Dave and Jackie came over earlier this morning with his crate and pillow, his food dish and a supply of food to get him through the weekend, his muzzle and his leash. We already had a bone and water bowl here for him so he’s all set for his weekend away.

He’s been quiet most of the day, spending most of it in his crate and Tay’s taken on the task of feeding him while I took the leash when we went out for a walk this evening. Dave cautioned me about what to do if we encountered any dogs while out walking and tonight I was quick to cross the street when we saw another dog and person headed our way. But for the most part, Flex heeled when I told him too and was well behaved, and it was a pleasant walk in the cool night air.

I can’t wait to take him running with me Sunday morning :).

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