Wasting Away Again in Margaritaville

Our friends Jackie and Dave came over tonight to enjoy the last part of the summer’s long weekend. I raised an eyebrow in question when I saw the rather large box that they carried into the house from the LCBO. The Strongbow wasn’t too much of a concern and neither was the Coronas but the bottle of tequila did cause some alarm. We settled into the backyard with Strongbows and chips and salsa, started in on margaritas when I brought out the avocado cucumber soup. By the time we were eating homemade burgers off the grill with rosemary lemon french fries we were well on our way to margaritaville.

And then, after dinner, we decided to whip up a concoction that our neighbor had told us about which is a can of frozen limeade, 3/4 cans of tequila and 3 bottles of beer.

Beer and tequila. Who would have thought? I think the neighbor called it a beergarita. Evil woman.

My head, it hurts. Probably from the beer and tequila but probably more from singing Margaritaville. Over and over again.

I’m going to find some advil, a big glass of water (the size of my head) and then, with any luck, my bed.

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