Because He Told Me Not To

I got home from work late this evening and as I was chatting with Tay and I pulled my phone from my bag, I mentioned to him that I had ran into my friend Chantelle and she saw my phone and boy, was she ever jealous. Tay kind of rolled his eyes and said yes, I’m sure but listen, you really need to stop blogging about your phone because if I read another post about it, seriously, I don’t know what I’ll do.

Or maybe he didn’t say quite that because I recognize that I have a tendency to exaggerate or perhaps embellish the truth a bit and I admit that maybe those weren’t his words exactly but he did say, “Stop blogging about your phone.”

He’s been with me how many years and he hasn’t yet figured out that if you tell me not to do something then chances are, I’m going to do it. In fact, I will go out of my way to do it even if I don’t really want to. That’s why living with me is so much FUN.

So YES, I’m blogging AGAIN about my iPhone but I’m blogging about a very important blog topic and that involves whether or not it’s worth having a data package on your iPhone.

There’s some people of the opinion that if you’re not going to have a data package, why bother with the iPhone? The point of the iPhone is to be able to have internet everywhere you go. It has a built in GPS in case you get lost and if you’re standing on a street corner and you want to know where the nearest restaurant is, you can just type it in and it will give you a list or restaurants in close proximity. Or maybe, I don’t know, you could just do a 360 degree turn and count how many restaurants you see and then, I don’t know, JUST PICK ONE. This IS Toronto after all. It will also tell you what the weather is because I have to tell you, craning one’s neck to look up at the sky can be just so tiresome.

I’m mostly joking and I say this only because I don’t want to offend any iPhone fanatics out there that could be reading this on their iPhone while they’re walking down the street and I would hate for them to walk into a telephone pole because that would be tragic. And slightly ironic.

I was starting to take my lack of data package personally and I was starting to feel very lonely in a data-filled world when earlier this evening I ran into this guy I know who’s been written in the news papers a lot lately because he’s this VERY IMPORTANT PERSON (self-described with a mash of self-mockery) who’s been very vocal on the political scene lately and certain people aren’t happy with him. As we were chatting he happened to pull out his iPhone and casually placed it on the table. He’s got the whole casual move of “Oh this old thing, yeah, it’s my iPhone” down pat, the only thing missing is the yawn. I have not yet mastered the required iPhone aloofness so when I saw his phone, I acknowledged it immediately and since he knows I’ve got a reputation for being a bit of a gadget geek, he asked if I had gotten one yet and did I get the 8G or the 16G. We started talking about the phone and what we liked and disliked about it (he has dislikes, I do not) and then he made mention of the data-package and I realized he was talking about it in a way that implied he didn’t have one. So I asked and he confirmed that no, he did not in fact have the data package because he didn’t need to be attached to his email 24/7 and like me, he was happy to find a free hotspot if he needed to access his email.

So I asked him why he got the iPhone and he said he got it mostly because he wanted to impress the ladies and it would probably work except for the fact that it’s him that he’s talking about and they might not be so impressed, iPhone or not.

I told him not to despair, that it was an iPhone after all and the only way he’d have to worry is if he was chatting up some girl in a bar and she wanted to know the capitol city of Tuvalu and he’d tell her he didn’t know and then she’d say, you have an iPhone, Wikipedia it and then he’d have to admit, sorry, I’m not that cool I don’t have a data package. And she would gasp and say, you’re a loser with a fake iPhone and then she would leave and go find some other guy with a phone that could tell her the capital city of Tuvalu.

He looked slightly worried when I said that and pointed out that I don’t have a data package either and wasn’t I concerned?

And I said no, because I know the capital city of Tuvalu is Funafuti and I didn’t need my iPhone to tell me that.

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One Response to Because He Told Me Not To

  1. That’s fantastic! Talk about your iPhone all you want–especially when the story involves putting big-headed politicos in their place. You rock T-girl!

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