Mid-Summer Harvest

We bought fresh produce from the local farmers all last week when we were in the Muskokas.

There’s nothing better, I think, then eating fresh vegetables thats been grown locally.

Unless, of course, it’s fresh vegetables that you’ve grown yourself. I went out to clean up the garden this morning since it’s become a bit of a jungle this past week with all the rain.

This is what I came indoors with:

Onions, tomatoes, red chilis, some basil and a couple of handfuls of green beans.
We’re having pork chops on the grill tonight for dinner with some corn that I brought back from Bala – I’ll use the basil with the tomatoes and make a salad with some olive oil, garlic and sea salt and the beans will be cooked up with the onion, some mushrooms I already have, a bit of butter and some walnuts.I don’t know what the peppers will be used for yet – I might save them for tomorrow night and do a stirfry with them some chicken and ginger that I have in the fridge.
Even though I wish desperately that I was still back at the cottage and not going back to work tomorrow, all these lovely vegetables that I have grown myself are starting to kind of make up for it.
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