10 Things I Love About My iPhone

10. There is something so cool about walking from room to room while reading blog feeds. Maybe not as cool as being able to walk down the street while doing the same thing, but for now, I’m happy tapping into wireless hotspots whereever I can find them.

9. I’m having fun assigning certain ringtones to certain people that call me. When my husband calls and the eerie, alien sci-fi music starts warbling out of my purse it not only makes me laugh but for the briefest of moments, I know what it is like to be Scully having Mulder call to tell her that the truth is out there.

8. I used my old phone as my alarm clock to wake me up and what would happen is the phone would go off, I’d wake, reset it for 20 minutes later, fall asleep, repeat. I’m not sure how many alarms I can set with the iPhone but I currently have three alarms programmed on my phone, at 20 minute intervals and when they each go off, I only have to roll over and touch the screen and then drift back to sleep.

7. The thing I hated most about my previous phone was that if I was having trouble following a text conversation, I would need to go back and forth between my sent messages and my received messages. On the iPhone, the entire conversation is there, color coded for easy reference and when a reponse pops up, it’s like my own personal version up pop up video.

6. This is the first phone I have ever owned with a camera built in and there have been many, many times I’ve been downtown and wished for my camera which I don’t carry with me because it’s big and clunky. Today I was downtown and I saw something and I found myself wishing that I had my camera and then, oh wait, my lovely little iPhone? It just happen to have a camera.

5. I love how the phone has a passcode but you can still make an emergency call. I thought at first it was there so that if someone stole your phone, it would be useless to them without the code and they would have the opportunity to call 911 and turn themselves in and when I would go to retrieve my phone I would kick them in the teeth, but then I did some reading and found out that its so that you don’t accidentally load up applications. But you can still make an emergency call without knowing your code – to the party girl that lives in the deepest recesses of my mind, this means you could be out somewhere totally wasted and even if you can’t remember your iphone code you will no doubt remember the number of someone who can come pick you up.

4. Everytime I turn my phone from the vertical position to horizontal and I watch the screen turn to widescreen it’s like someone has just performed the most amazing magic trick. I’ll eventually get bored of it, but for now, I still get excited when I see it happen.

3. I got very used to typing things into my palm pilot using the little pointer thingy but never got the hang of trying to write cursive letters in one motion. The iPhone gives me hope that writing like that on a digital device is a thing of the past. While I have a feeling it’s going to take me a while to get used to typing with both my thumbs, I’m sure typing with one hand has its advantages (one hand can type while the other hold your Starbucks?).

2. I was suffering from serious, delirious Blackbery envy and was convinced owning one would be my mission in life. Now that I have the iPhone I no longer suffer from that envy because I know it kicks blackberry ass.

1. And the number one reason I love my phone is because it maybe it does everything except brush my teeth or shaves my legs for me and I know that if it could, it probably would because that’s how committed it is to making my life that much easier . Calendar, ipod, wireless email and internet, camera and such a fun text interface makes this easily the most genius gadget I have ever owned and to think I paid the same amount of money for it that a new ipod nano would have cost, or the touch which I was seriously considering – it makes me tingle all over. I might eventually get a data plan but that’s like moving in together and I’m not so sure I’m ready for that. At least not yet.

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3 Responses to 10 Things I Love About My iPhone

  1. A friend of ours was here last year with his Iphone (he ordered it from the states before it was released here). It looks like a fun toy, but I must say we have now been without cell phones for a year and I don’t miss it at all. There is cell coverage here in this community but it’s not something we need or want anymore. Such a simple life we lead. 🙂

  2. flud22 says:

    The iPhone sounds like lots of fun. But the Blackberry is Canadian, so it would kick the iPhone’s ass in a fight! (But since I am a Rogers customer, you may have convinced me to purchse this scrawny American phone.) 😛

  3. I never received my email. 😦 Can you re-send it to robtinaschwart at hotmail dot com?

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