And Smiling, Jackie’s Driving By*

I’ve been listening to a lot of music while I write, or at least I was until I lost my ipod a few weeks ago. Yes, my brand new nano that’s less than a year old and was a gift from Tay when I completed the half-marathon in October. Yes, I recognize how much of an idiot I am for losing it. I know very well how careless it was to carry it in my jacket pocket. And I’m very aware of how much it cost and how long I spent filling those 8GB with my favorite music that someone else is now benefiting from. I don’t need to be reminded of these facts because I’ve been beating myself up constantly since I lost it.

I wrote this next section that I’ve finally gotten around to posting while I still had my ipod and I would listen to it while travelling back and forth to work on the train, laptop in lap, gazing out the window when I got stuck. I was listening to a lot of Concrete Blonde during these trips and I don’t know if I named the character Wendy after the song Tomorrow Wendy, or if I started listening to the song because the character’s name was Wendy. It’s like the chicken or the egg.

The song definitely helped set the tone as I wrote however, and this verse in particular stands out:

It is complete now
two ends of time are neatly tied
a one-way street
she’s walkin to the end of the line
and there she meets
the faces she keeps in her heart and mind*

I’m working on a new section now (Jeremy) and this character has nothing to do with Pearl Jam. Instead, the song I keep hearing while I write Jeremy is Creep by Radiohead, and maybe that’s because Jeremy’s turning into such an ass that everyone is going to hate, myself included.

I’ve finally posted more of what I’m coming to refer to as After the Funeral here. Again, it’s so completely rough that telling me about typos at this point is a waste of your time. But overal feedback is of course welcome, even if it’s negative. The post is password protected but it’s not hard to figure out if you knew me before I got married and knew what my name was then.

If you don’t know and want to read, drop me a line.

* From Tomorrow Wendy (Concrete Blonde)

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One Response to And Smiling, Jackie’s Driving By*

  1. Yea!!!! I’m so excited! I’ll be curling up with the laptop later tonight and a coffee to read! Thanks for posting. 🙂

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