Watching Tomatoes Grow Takes A Lot of Time

I’ve not blogged in over a month for various reasons that amounts to mostly just life getting in the way. Work has been absolute madness and the past four weeks especially has been such a complicated, worrisome mess that for a while I wasn’t sleeping properly and my boss had to pull me in her office and ask what was up because three people had gone to her to ask if I was okay. I can usually put on a brave face regardless of how much stress I’m under but the stuff that occurred in the past few weeks has been unlike anything I’ve ever dealt with before and it’s really, really disappointing to spend five months working really hard on a project only to have someone undo everything you’ve done in what comes down to a matter of moments.

When I’m not at work I’ve been doing a lot of writing and it’s been a welcome escape and this is growing into something bigger than what I ever expected and it’s now over 33,000 words which is absolutely mind boggling to me because I can’t seem to stop and if you consider that novels are anywhere from 80,000 words to 120,000 words then it’s starting to look like I’m writing a novel which is really kind of scary and yet very, very exciting. I’ve got more that I’m going to post so that the people that are reading and have asked for more can continue reading and I will probably try and get to that sometime this weekend.

When I’m not working and not writing I’ve started watching Six Feet Under (again) mostly because Amazon had a big, big sale on the entire series which was impossible to resist (all 60+ episodes plus the full soundtrack and a funky box for $118) so spare moments have been spent watching episodes of it. Or playing Sudoku on the 360 with Tay. Or trying new recipes from my two new cook books which I absolutely love (Jamie Oliver’s Family Dinners and Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food) and making things like chilled cucumber avocado soup or melon with tequila and lime.

But ultimately the real reason I haven’t been blogging is that a lot of my time has been spent in our backyard which we’ve spent the past two months transforming from a square of grass to a fun litte area that has become the perfect place for outdoor meals, writing on my laptop, reading magazines in the hammock and socializing with friends. But even more exciting than any of those things is the vegetable garden that we planted on the long weekend in May, a mammoth sized thing that took a week to built (with most of the work being done by Tay) and, because of all the rain that we’ve had these past few weeks it’s become a jungle of sorts and plants doubling their size in the span of a week.

We’ve planted lots of herbs and onions and peppers and beans and so many tomatoes that when I go out and try and count I lose track and have to start two, sometimes three times or more before I get an accurate count. Tay has told me numerous times that I am obsessed with the garden, the tomatoes in particular and he’s certainly correct about that – one of my favorite things to do when I get home from work is to go out and examine the plants and then I get distracted by weeds and then I have to do some pruning on the plants and then every couple of weeks I give the plants the royal treatment by turning the soil and mixing in some compost so that it will flourish and flourish it does.

We’ve taken a few photos along the way, before we began building the garden (it’s a raised bed) and after we planted the veg and today I went out and snapped some photos of the garden and the rest of the area and I’ve posted them here but my most favorite photo is this one, mostly because that tomato, that green little thing that still has a few weeks to go before it ripens just looks so TASTY and if I liked fried green tomatoes it would be in serious trouble.

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3 Responses to Watching Tomatoes Grow Takes A Lot of Time

  1. Jody says:

    Your garden looks beautiful – what a peaceful retreat from the caos of work!

  2. It’s funny. I had a dream last night that I got snowed in at the Mount, and that Chris Daughtry was there with a big bag of fried green tomatoes. The sad thing is, I didn’t care about Chris…I wanted one of those fried tomatoes…

  3. When will you be posting more of the story? I just jumped over there all excited to read more and I’ve read all of it so far. 🙂

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