All You Need Is Love

Next Tuesday marks mine and Tay’s 4th wedding anniversary and we plan on celebrating by going to Emeril’s for dinner and then to Cirque de Soleil’s Love. Of course, there is no Emeril’s in Toronto and there’s only one place in the world where you can see Love and that is, of course, Las Vegas.

I don’t know if I love the Beatles more than I love Las Vegas, in fact if I had to chose between never listening to the Beatles again or never ever visiting Vegas again I don’t know which I would chose but fortunately for me, I don’t have to make that decision because I get to do both and I would rather have both than none at all.

We went to see a Beatles tribute band a couple of years ago when we were in Vegas and I really enjoyed myself and we’ve seen a number of the Cirque shows (O, Ka, Mystere) while there. I am so looking forward to it that I am already humming Beatles songs under my breath at work and telling any known fan that guess what? I’m going to see Love on Tuesday.

We also spent a lot of time thinking about where to go for dinner that night and at first I wanted to go to DelMonico’s which is another Emeril restaurant, one that we have gone to before for our anniversary. The first time we went the food and service were spectacular and so we went there a second time when we returned to Vegas but Tay was sick the second time around and we were seated next to a loud party with a very obnoxious bald guy that seriously TALKED REALLY LOUDLY JUST LIKE THIS and I was so frustrated during the meal that I hardly enjoyed my warm spinach salad that I had been thinking about in the days leading up to our trip. We considered Bouchon by Thomas Keller at the top of the Venetian but it didn’t seem quite right and we also talked briefly about Bootlegger Bistro which is off strip but is very well known for the live music and the people that go there but you have to go early if you want a quiet dinner or suffer the loudness. Joel Robuchon at the Mansion was wistful, wishful thinking but as curious as I am, there’s no justifying $300 per person per meal, no matter if it IS our anniversary. So then Tay mentioned Emeril’s which he has dined at before which is almost a no brainer considering how I feel about New Orleans and Cajun food.

I already know that I’m having the Tempura Fried Sushi Salmon Roll with Spicy Cucumber Salad and Cilantro Crème Fraìche and for the entree, I’m leaning towards the Grilled and Roasted Double Cut Pork Chop with Green Chile Mole, Tamarind Glaze and Caramelized Sweet Potatoes. But the Baked 2lb. Maine Lobster stuffed with Wild & Exotic Mushrooms, Oven Dried Tomatoes and served with a Truffle Asparagus Cream also sounds very tempting. Why does life have to have such DIFFICULT decisions? (The menu is here, what would you order?)

We are staying in the West Wing at the MGM which is my second favorite hotel in Las Vegas with the Wynn still at the top of my list but at $300+ a night the Wynn is just not practical no matter how badly I want to stand before the floor to ceiling windows with the automated blinds in my underwear with the entire Vegas strip lighting up the night and feeling like a total high roller. I love the suites in the West Wing because of how tasteful they are decorated, the bathroom with the green glass countertop and the lights that make you feel like a rock star in the middle of the afternoon when you just wakeup and are splashing water on your face before heading back down to the poker tables. The close proximity of the West Wing elevators to the poker table is another bonus which makes it way to easy to play, grab a nap, play some more. And in case I get tired of playing poker and having naps, the pool at the MGM is one of my favorites in Vegas (other than Wynn’s) with it’s multiple pools and I will be buying plenty of sunblock for my delicate pale skin. Naps by the pool in between rounds of poker and then MORE naps before going to eat at some of the best restaurants.

All you need is love, yes for certain, but it’s even better in Las Vegas.

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3 Responses to All You Need Is Love

  1. Taylor says:

    Yeah I would have liked to stay at Wynn as well again but as you say it’s difficult to justify the price, expecially this year with the expense with the back yard and all. We just need to keep an eye on rates.. maybe if we do some gambling there this time we’ll get some offers (though they seem to be pretty difficult to come by). And I think it’s going to be more difficult since Wynn is the only hotel in the world now that’s 5 star and 5 diamond. So it’s basically, critically, the best hotel in the world. At least you can say we’ve stayed there before. 🙂

  2. ALB says:

    Awe, man! Can I say how jealous this makes me? So very! Wish we were joining you but maybe some day! After all if we do ever go cruisin’ in Vegas, I couldn’t think of two better hi-rollers to take along on our first ride!

  3. Valentina says:

    WOW! Sounds like a great way to celebrate to me!!!Happy Anniversary and… Happy Las Vegas!

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