In the Mood to Meme

Stolen from So Anyway

1. What was the last blog you left a comment on? Kat’s, when she was looking for a poker game.

2. Favorite black and white movie? From the classics? The usual – The Philadelphia Story, It’s A Wonderful Life, Psycho. From the past ten years? Clerks, definitely, and Sin City.

3. What’s in your freezer right now? Two kinds of vodka, margarita mix, daquiri mix, bucket of pre-mixed grapefruit cosmos. A bag of ice. Carrot cake, har gau (chinese shrimp dumplings). Fish, beef, chicken, pork, italian sausage. Corn, and peas. Spaghetti sauce and turkey soup stock.

4. How many pillows do you have on your bed? Four.

5. Do you regularly share your bed with anyone? My husband – though I usually go to bed ahead of him since I get up earlier.

6. Do you sleep in Pajamas, undies, nude, or other? I can’t sleep naked – I always wake up in a panic and think I’m somewhere other than in my bedroom. I don’t like to be overly warm though, so I usually end up in a tank top and underwear but I have a couple of pairs of cotton pajama pants that I’ve been loving lately.

7. If you won $50,000, what would you do with it? Donate some to charity. Make a big payment on the mortgage. Go on a European cruise. Give some to Stacy for her student loans. Shop.

8. Something nice you did for someone today? Donated 386 chocolate easter eggs (or 6lbs) to our homeless program.

9. Something bad you did to someone today? Nothing today. Yesterday I was rude to the cashier working the self-checkout lanes at the grocery store when she wasn’t paying attention.

10. Hardest class you took in school? Either Calculus or Shakespeare.

11. Ever been in a car accident? No.

12. What is one food you won’t eat? Tofu-fa.

13. Why? It’s texture.

14. Would you ever eat dog meat? Maybe if I was on a deserted island and the dog died and I had no other food and someone else prepared it. Otherwise, I’d want the dog for companionship.

15. What is something as a child you wanted to grow up to become, but didn’t? An architect (see #10).

16. Name one place in the US you haven’t seen but want to? California coastline – Napa, San Francisco all the way down to San Diego.

17. Name one place outside the US? I’m insanely jealous that Stacy is going to Greece with Jody in August – so there. And I’d do Peru with Dawn in a second.

18. Favorite smells? Basil and cilantro. Brown sugar, coconut oil, warm chocolate chip cookies, pineapple, laundry, freshly mowed grass. Aveda Shampure. Cover girl pressed powder (reminds me of my grandmother).

19. If you could pick any game show to compete on, which would it be? I like the shows where people can take big risks – so either Who Wants to be a Millionaire or that show with the briefcases and the bald dude.

20. Where did you go on your last real vacation and who did you go with? The cruise to Mexico out of New Orleans with Tay, Chris and Amanda.

21. Your best birthday was for which age? Probably my 30th when I did the duathlon (and celebrated the week before).

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