Bunny Love

I love working downtown, love being able to walk to my office from the train station regardless of the weather and especially enjoy it during the holidays. During Christmas, I was walking along Queen Street the morning that Chum turned their parking lot into a Christmas tree lots and sold $10 trees. That day, as I walked to work, I couldn’t resist slowing down to watch the families as they proudly carried their trees up the street or tied them to the roof of their cars.

On Valentine’s Day, there were the famous pink hearts, stencilled onto the snow banks which I followed all along Queen Street. There were a couple of people talking about those pink hearts when I got to work, and I told everyone else all about it, sending them down to the corner to see for themselves.

I wasn’t sure what I would see on the street Thursday morning as I strolled along on the day before the Easter long weekend, but I wasn’t disappointed when I saw a pair of pink bunnies out of the corner of my eye, turned to look and then had to laugh. I was in front of the C0ndom Shack and a huge plush bunny in black b0ndage was going at another bunny from behind.

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