The Next Morning I Saw I Wasn’t Really a Waitress

Last night was the second Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie – the first one was about a year and a half ago and was blogged about here, here and here. All my same girlfriends were scheduled to come but then Kat got a migraine, Renu succumbed to the sickness she’s been battling all week and Elisa got tied up with some crazy work stuff so our second round ended up being just me, Jackie, Anna Lee and Amanda. And although we missed the other three, by the third and fourth drinks we were talking loudly enough that there easily could have been all 7 of us hanging out in the kitchen. By the end of the night, if you were to look at all the glasses and liquor bottles cluttering the counter top, you would have thought it was a full blown party, involving dozens of people rather than just the four of us. The night involved the usual drink card with various drinks named after various shades of OPI (a grape martini became Lincoln Park, a whiskey sour was renamed a Dutch Tulip and a Raspberry Spider was named Hong Kong Sunrise) and we each kept track of which drinks we knocked back. Like the previous time, we made it to drink 7 out of the 9 or so on the card, which was a rather respectable and responsible amount considering we started drinking around 7 and finished up around 4 in the morning. In fact, we were all so responsible that there were lots of empty water bottles and water glasses to be found the next morning and there was enough pacing that nobody passed out which I almost thought might happen.

Like before we drank and listened to music and ate lots of things – even stuff that came in a bottle and had no label. We had an abundance of tortilla chips and Amanda started talking about our trip to Mexico which made me remember the hot sauce that we had bought back with us and so I pulled a botte from the cupboard. Anna Lee saw the bottle that the sauce came in and commented on the fact that it came in an Evian bottle (it’s not really even an EVIAN bottle, more like your generic plastic bottle) and she asked if I seriously consumed something that came from another country in a plastic bottle and I looked at her as if she was talking crazytalk and said of course I did. She then asked if I expected her to eat something that came without any kind of label and, disappointed, I asked her if she wasn’t going to try it and then she replied that OF COURSE she was going to try it, but wasn’t I concerned that I didn’t have any idea what could be in this foreign sauce that I loved so much? I told her I mostly knew what was in the sauce, I knew all the ingredients but one and that the server from the restaurant had refused to tell me the last ingredient and Anna Lee said of course he wouldn’t tell, it was probably ARSENIC ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

But we ate the sauce, even Anna Lee, who declared it to be _______ good, (I don’t remember what word she used, mostly because we were laughing so hard I couldn’t really hear) and surprisingly, none of us died from arsenic poisoning and afterwards we hung out in the living room and we did our toenails and fingernails and I woke up the next morning with my fingers painted surprisingly tidy considering how unsteady my hand must have been when I was applying the polish. I hardly ever wear bright nail polish but I must have been feeling adventurous because I chose a very bright, very intense shade of red. My nails might have implied Not Really a Waitress but really, if you saw some of the drinks I was serving up, you might question that.

I think I may have missed my true calling in life, in fact, I think I should probably quit my job tomorrow and become a bartender expect for the fact that I’d probably be FIRED because that drink pictured above? It had so much alcohol in it that it almost tasted like gasoline and any bar I worked at would be bankrupt within a week.

The best part of the night though, at least for me, was when the four of us went downstairs to play some Rock Band and we stayed down there for almost 4 hours except for a brief 20 minute break when, like true rock stars, we came upstairs to have another drink. We’ve had the game for a number of months now, we got it back in November before it was even released in Canada and I’ve played it quite a bit, often with our friends and plenty of times with just Tay but never before had I gotten to play with 3 other girls and if I thought I was born to be a bartender I realize that’s so not true because I was really born to be a rockstar in an all girl band. We mixed things up throughout the night and I started out playing guitar because that’s really my main thing but then I switched to vocals so Jackie could play guitar and then, when Amanda needed to take a break, I played guitar AND sang, both at the same time and at the end of the set I felt seriously and truly like a rock star that I wanted to kick over the mic stand at the end.

It was such a good night, despite half the girls not being able to show up and I will most certainly do it again especially since some couldn’t come, even though I feel sort of bad for evicting Tay from the house for the evening and then calling him at 3:30 at Dave’s to wake them up so he and Chis could come home. However, for next time, if we’re going to be playing Rock Band again, I’m so going to paint my nails to match and instead of I’m Not Really a Waitress, I may need to paint them Got the Blues for Red, or Plugged-in Plum or better yet My Private Jet because last night we managed to earn ourselves a van and a manager and next is the jet which will be so cool because we’ll paint it pink and stencil Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie on the side.

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3 Responses to The Next Morning I Saw I Wasn’t Really a Waitress

  1. flud22 says:

    Sounds like fun. We had our own REAL rock band going that night….maybe you should pick up a real guitar and come play with my friends. Excellent work on the entire evening, u are quite the bartender. I really enjoy seeing those cards you make.

  2. Anna Lee says:

    A REAL rock band? R U Kidding me? We had way more fun rockin’ it out with the ladies!

  3. Fern Wimpley says:

    You.Are such a geek.I wish I had of been there!

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