Because I Can’t Make Things Like Risotto and Mascarpone Carrott Cake Without Blogging About It

So here’s yet another blog, that I will hopefully maintain better than some of my other blogs, which I won’t mention but still exist, in all their neglected form and are listed on my sidebar.

Disorderly Kitchen is all about my adventures in cooking, mostly a result of my acquiring a number of cook books for Christmas including Cook with Jamie and the Joy of Cooking. My copy of Cook With Jamie is already creased and splattered with food, and two of the pages have been peeled apart after sticking together with strawberry jam that fell unnoticed while I was poring through a recipe while eating a peanut butter and jam sandwhich. Tay has taken to referring to the book as my own personal p0rn as everytime he turns around I seem to be flipping through it, and a lot of times I’m just looking at the pictures.

The blog is called Disorderly Kitchen because the messy cook was already taken, as was messy kitchen – it’s comforting to know that I’m not the only messy person out there and, no matter how many times Tay can scold me for creating a mess in the kitchen while I cook, it’s not something I can seem to do something about – I’m a messy cook by nature and a disorderly kitchen is the result.

It’s not a very fancy blog (mostly text based) and I don’t know that it will be all that interesting and I doubt that it will be read much (or commented on) but I’m using this blog mostly to just document the different recipes I try and to indicate which recipes work and which ones don’t, what mistakes I make so I can avoiding making them again and, of course, to help track my progress. I’m sure I will blog about the different recipes and cook books I use that I love, as well as my shopping experiences and discoveries – seeking out those hard to find ingredients, my search for a good quality butcher and fishmonger, my discovery of gourmet grocery stores that carry imported and/or organic foods.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking but there’s been aspects of it that have intimidated me – like the shopping for complicated recipes or the cooking of steaks and risottos and delicate sauces. It’s a new journey for me, but so far, I’ve been loving it – despite the mistakes I’m making along the way.

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2 Responses to Because I Can’t Make Things Like Risotto and Mascarpone Carrott Cake Without Blogging About It

  1. Jody says:

    Its a good blog! I’m still waiting for the green been and nut recipe though 🙂

  2. taylor says:

    No recipes! You should have to be a guest to eat these dishes. :p

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