I didn’t see all his movies but the ones I did see him in, I always had a quiet appreciation for him and a growing admiration. When we saw Brokeback at TIFF two years ago, I joked that there were worse ways to spend my birthday than in a theatre with him and Jake Gyllenhaal. It was that movie when I first began to think that he could be the next biggest thing in Hollywood – and when I saw he was playing the Joker in the next Batman, I was beside myself.

There’s sorrow in the movie world today.

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3 Responses to Potential

  1. Deoris says:

    I couldn’t believe it either. I heard it said real soft and quiet on the radio on my way home from work and went “WHAT?” and all the other passengers just sat there until I could speak. (Then only one of the passengers, my son, knew who I was talking about. We watch “A Knight’s Tale” just about every time it comes on.) I’m still in shock.

  2. ALB says:

    The fact that my 86-year-old grandmother knew before me kind of freaked me out-seriously. So incredibly sad and I agree a real loss of talent–not to mention a great smile.

  3. I agree. It’s horrible. It just goes to show that money doesn’t buy happiness.

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