Another Girl Crush

She teaches Body Pump and I LOVE her.

She was guest teaching one morning at the Superstore with one of the other instructors and as soon as the class ended, I went up to her and told her how much I enjoyed the class and inquired where she regularily teaches. The good news is that she teaches at a club that’s very close to me, the bad news – it’s Monday mornings when I’m at work. She invited me to join her class over the holidays if I could though, and when I went one of the Mondays I was off, she made a point to thank me for coming.

On Saturday morning I dragged myself out of bed despite a draggy headache, most likely the result of too much Strong Bow at the pub the night before and went to Body Pump. I’m not a big fan of the instructor, in fact, I quite desperately despise her and I almost drove the few extra minutes to the other club for their class (held at the same time) but I needed to get groceries and since the gym is right above it, I figured I’d suffer through the class and get my errands over with and go home and sleep off my headache.

I was just finishing setting up my equipment when I saw her come into the studio – my first reaction was to start jumping up and down and waving at her but I restrained myself and finished setting up, sneaking peaks at her every few minutes. The annoying-instructor saw her come in and asked her if she wanted to come up and teach a couple of tracks with her and when she agreed, I almost clapped my hands I was so excited.

I didn’t mind the annoying-instructor so much during that class because I was too busy focusing on cute-instructor and a couple of times, cute-instructor got up and walked around the room checking our form. She came by my station twice – the first time to help me on my chest track, the second time during the push up track.

I thanked her after class for helping me – stammering and blushing the whole time like a school girl. She told me it was good to see me and said she hoped she’d see me at her Monday class some time. And then she gave me a huge smile and then guess what happened? Then she TOUCHED MY ARM.

I only wish I had known she was going to be guest starring as an instructor because then I totally would have combed my hair when I got out of bed. And maybe worn some lip gloss.

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2 Responses to Another Girl Crush

  1. Jody says:

    Yup, your definetely my sister. On anoter note, I don’t know how you can tolerate a class where you dislike the instructor, I can’t do it..

  2. It would be great to see you get all flustered! LOL

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