2007 Booklist

I did a lot of reading in 2007, especially towards the end of the year when I started taking the Go train. The below list all first-reads and is mostly complete, but I’m sure there are some books missing – brain candy books that took a day or two to read and therefore got lost in the shuffle.

The books I’ve bolded are the books I enjoyed the most and would gladly read again. The books in italics are the books I struggled the most with, but am glad to have read. And the books with a minus (-) next to them, I could have done without.

The Golden Notebook
The Almost Moon (-)
Tell No One
Gone for Good
Bee Season (-)
Paint It Black
Before I Wake
Living Indoors
The Art of Undressing
Brick Lane
Midnight Champagne
The Other Side of the Bridge
Alice, I Think
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Bang Crunch
Black and Blue
Shopaholic and Baby
Lullabies for Little Criminals
Suite Francaise
Lucky (-)
One Hundred Years of Solitude
The Birth House
The Road
Water for Elephants
Bloodletting and Other Cures
The Memory Keeper’s Daughter
Moral Disorder

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