High Five(?)

Last night was a schmoozy-cocktail evening for me as I was invited to the closing party of the Art Gallery of Ontario and the opening of a new fitness club and as I left the AGO to meet Anna Lee to head to Premiere, I noticed a big closing sale in their gift shop but didn’t have time to stop. This morning a colleague who had went with me to the AGO came into my office and mentioned that the sale was pretty big – 75% off most stock including prints and jewellery. I decided to head over to the AGO on my lunch hour, mostly to see if I might find some cool Christmas presents and as I was heading into the museum, I crossed paths with two guys coming out – stylishly good looking in a Queer Eye kind of way (funky haircuts and snug t-shirts).

The guy to the far left pointed at me in a very decisive way and said to his friend, “High five.”

The guy closest to me turned in my direction, held up his palm so it was facing me and declared, “High Five!”

I was caught off guard and more than a little bewildered by their behaviour that I only looked blanky at them, keeping my hands down by my sides and then the moment was gone as they passed and I disappeared in through the AGO doors.

I’m left trying to figure out what their high five request meant, but it’s not entirely obvious to me. Maybe it’s because they were cool and hip and trendy and recognized the same in me, but yeah, maybe not. I really don’t know. I do wish that I had returned the high five though and next time, I definitely will, but it would help if I knew what we were high fiving.

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2 Responses to High Five(?)

  1. Fern Wimpley says:

    Hahah!!!This made me laugh! I would have high fived!!!!Love you!

  2. Jods says:

    They were likely highfiving you, you nincompoop!The other day I walked into Millets, the hiking store (with Andy) and one young shop assistant looked at me, then turned to the other and made a motion like he was reeling me in with a fishing rod… Really. But hey, I guess its a thing us McDonald babes just have, lol.

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