Suckers for Punishment

Despite the hectic craziness of our lives the past month (the move + training for the half marathon in 6 weeks) Tay and I are either naive in what we can sanely accomplish in the average day or ultimately, suckers for punishment because we still bought a book of tickets for this year’s TIFF. Some resemblance of sanity must have struck when Tay placed the order because we ended up with 10 passes each rather than our usual fanatical 20+ each. The festival began last Thursday night and runs straight through until this coming Saturday, and the decision was to try and see as many movies as possible on the weekends, therefore leaving our weeknights free. This is how it came to be that we spent all of last weekend downtown bouncing around from theatre to theatre, when all I really wanted to do was to be at home sleeping.

We saw four movies on Saturday, including the new Romero zombie flick at midnight and getting home at 2:30am, only to have to be back downtown for 9:30 Sunday morning when we got an very vivid dose of blood and violence in the new Cronenberg movie. It’s a good thing I don’t drink coffee cause I highly doubt that blood and coffee go together, at least not that early on a Sunday morning. Sunday was only 3 movies but they were spaced out in a way that made the day drag on and by the time we got home at 11pm Sunday night I was in a state of exhaustion that carried into my birthday and a week at work that seemed neverending.

Tomorrow is the last day for the festival and we have a reasonable day ahead of us with just 3 movies, starting at noon and finishing at midnight, with healthy breaks in between which will allow us plenty of time in between so we can walk about and get something to eat. While I appreciated not needing to take time off for the festival this year, I miss the hustle and bustle and utter madness that makes up the TIFF week for us. During one of the movies last week, as I was settling into my theatre seat and preparing to be engaged, I looked at Tay and mentioned that we’d be celebrating our 10 year TIFFiversary in three years time and that we should plan to buy each of us one of those hardcore TIFF passes that allows us to see 50 movies during the festival, which equates to 50 movies in 10 days, or if you want to average it out, 5 movies a day.

He raised an eyebrow, because I was pretty cranky just doing the 4 last Saturday, an I agreed that it’d be a lot, a really, truly crazy amount of a lot, but really, as TIFF lovers, it had to be done at some point and why not at our 10 year mark.

It also helps that I have three years to prepare.

But for now, I’ll settle for our modest 10 movies and be happy that so far, they’ve all pretty much exceeded my expectations.

Our 2007 TIFF list is as follows:

My Kid Could Paint That
No Country for Old Men
Nothing is Private
George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead
Eastern Promises
Ping Pong Playa
Smiley Face
Reclaim Your Brain

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3 Responses to Suckers for Punishment

  1. That little girl is ADORABLE!And for 50, well you’d need to pick up a coffee habit. Or speed maybe. That would be insane, but like Tay I raise my eyebrow in a “really?”, and a “hmmmmm…really….”

  2. jods says:

    That little girl IS adorable. And I think the 10 year anniversary is a good plan – maybe take a few days off before/after so your prepared,lol.

  3. Fern Wimpley says:

    I want to see Eastern Promises!!How was it?!?!

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