We get the keys to our new house tomorrow and officially move on Saturday. My mum flies in on Wednesday with plans to help me paint before going to stay with my sister for the weekend and then comes back next week to help me unpack and clean. We’re living in a maze of boxes, and eat all our meals either on the coffee table or at the table on the deck. Our friends Dave and Jackie have joined the campaign to help clean out our kitchen cupboards and last weekend I cooked up thai, last night it was indian. They seemed only too happy too help.

My computer is still up and running but we had a yard sale today and the chair that I sit on to use my computer was sold. It was one of 4 chairs that we drag out onto to the patio when we eat on the table – from now on, for the few remaining meals, we’ll be eating at the coffee table that’s not even a real coffee table because we sold our old table to my friend Rebecca who’s moving to Ottawa to go to teacher’s college. She also bought our bedroom set so we’re sleeping like university students, in an empty room with the mattress on the floor and clothes piled everywhere.

Right now I’m sitting on a square ottoman type thing from Ikea – it’s comfortable but fairly low, so I’ve added a giant poker chip cushion that we bought in Las Vegas. I can almost see over the monitor but barely.

I never really realized how much stuff we had until a lot of it was spread out on our lawn this morning. I cleaned out my closet three times, getting rid of clothes with each run through. If I had to guess, I gave away at least 10 garbage bags full of clothes and I still have more than enough clothing to dress myself once we move.

It feels good though, this decluttering. It’s invigorating and refreshing and cleansing. It almost makes looking at the piles of boxes that are surrounding us more bearable because at least I know that the stuff packed in those boxes are things we actually need, and not various crap that we’ve collected over the years.

I’m so looking forward to unpacking the contents in the house that is officially ours, and not our landlords.

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2 Responses to Packing

  1. Jods says:

    I’m so excited for you. Can you please send me your new address 🙂 Do you have a stability ball? You might try using that as a chair for your desk – its a great temporary solution and works your abs and the same time!

  2. There’s nothing better than de-cluttering your house. I loved it when we moved. How did you do at your yard sale?

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