I Love My Work

On Friday we had a community event in the park and I was assigned the job of taking photos all day long. For 5 hours I wandered the park with my camera, using my zoom lens as often as I could, kneeling in the gravel to get eye level with a lot of the kids and climbing onto the roof of the building so I could shoot photos from above.

This is where I work, the people I work for, why I make the hour long commute to and from the city each day.

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3 Responses to I Love My Work

  1. Love the photos and the post. You needn’t say anymore.

  2. flud22 says:

    some of the very things i loved abt settlement…..the kids, bouncy castle (in this case, bouncy dragon) and even the seniors. thank you for taking me down memory lane….i’m sorry we missed it.

  3. Valentina says:

    Wonderful shots, Tawny!

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