Less Than 36 Hours

From October 6, 2005:
“Before my braces went on I was chatting with the woman who was putting them on about my nervousness – she wore braces for 2 years and had them put on when she was 32. She promised me that after I got used to them, I won’t even notice them and that the most difficult part is getting over the fact that they’re there permanently – and that I can’t simply remove them when it feels too weird. When I woke up from my nap this evening, I experienced some of what she was describing and it shook me a bit. All of a sudden two years seemed like an extremely long time and I wondered if I had made the right decision.”

I was told to expect my braces to be on for at least 2 years and on Thursday, approximately 4 months earlier then the predicted date, my braces are coming off.

Between the crazy hours at work and buying the house, and now shopping for furniture, I’ve been distracted and thinking of other things other than getting my braces off. But here I am, 3 days away.

It honestly feels like just yesterday that I had them put on – I can’t believe the process is almost done and over with. The tooth extraction and the gap in my teeth for four months, the constant adjustments, the surgery and recovery. It’s like it happened in the blink of my eye.

And now, I keep running my tongue over the ridges of my braces and wondering what it’ll be like when they’re gone, when it’s just smooth, even enamel.

I freaked out a lot when I had the braces but on, I’m freaked out a little to have them off.

What if I don’t know how to smile?

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One Response to Less Than 36 Hours

  1. AL says:

    Just chill, it’ll all be good:)

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