Maintaining the Line

The bikini line that is.

It’s a female thing that I’ve been trying to find an easy solution to for many years now, and, being in my early 30s, I seem to be no closer to it now then when I was in my 20s. And with it being 30 degrees out today (34 with the humidex) I’m stressing because bikini weather makes me think of bikinis which makes me think of bikini lines and therefore I’m back to once again obsessing about the unavoidable bikini line.

Here’s my issue.

My PREFERRED method of maintaining the line is waxing, but the problem with waxing is that you need to allow a certain amount of regrowth before you can wax again. So then you get stuck with that unsightly week or two before you can wax, and while you’re regrowing, what do you do for that week? Just suck it up and deal with the growth? For the longest time, I tried to time my waxings so that it coordinated with my period, meaning that I would wax and my regrowth would happen that same week and then the Monday after my period off I’d go to my waxing chick. But it never really worked out that way because even after my first couple of weeks of waxing, there’d be the beginnings of the regrowth that’s almost as unsightly as the actual regrowth.

It got to the point where I was so annoyed by the whole ineffectiveness of the waxing routine that I went back to shaving which I used to hate because of the razor burn I would get and I don’t know what’s worse – regrowth or irritated skin but then I thought my problems were solved when I found a product called Bikini Zone that I used AFTER shaving because it worked at first, but while it cut down on the irritation, there was STILL irritation so eventually I gave up on the razor and went BACK to waxing.

Two weeks into my return to waxing I got the clever (if not masochistic) idea to try and maintain any regrowth with tweezers but that soon got out of control because it got to the point where I was REPLACING waxing with tweezing and I can’t even describe just how time-consuming that became. It was literally ridiculous.

This is a year round obsession but with the oncoming warm weather, I’m obsessing more so then I normally do and it’s not a battle I’m willing to surrender too, yet…I don’t know what the solution is.

Waxing? Razoring? Tweezing?

Lately I’ve been thinking that electrolysis is the way to go…but…is a clean bikini line really worth a few hundred dollars?

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4 Responses to Maintaining the Line

  1. flud22 says:

    for the first time ever tawny….i wish i had not read your blog ;Pactually….all i really have to say is “thank goodness i’m a guy and i never have to worry/stress abt these things!” good luck with your dilemma.

  2. Fern Wimpley says:

    I understand your hatered towards this subject matter!I think, if you can afford it, eliminate it forever!!

  3. Taylor says:

    I’ve seen the way you shave, no wonder you have razor burn. 🙂But yeah.. if I only had a small patch of hair I could eliminate with electrolysis for a few hundred bucks, I’d be all over it. 🙂I find the key to razor shaving is this.1) Replace the blade every couple weeks2) Dry the blade completely after using it3) Do not go over the same area more than 2 times4) Every couple days or else the blade has to work harder and while it’s working harder, I’d say it’s harder on the pores as you’re shaving increasing irritation5) Find a good after-shave cream.That said, the skin on the face is a little tougher than uhh.. you know. 🙂There must be hundreds of websites dedicated to this exact thing.

  4. I agree with fern- I understand your ‘hatered’. (The key to bumps/razor burn when razoring for me is using a good blade, lots of shave cream, and exfoliating regularly. Also get one of those little eyebrow/old lady whisker shaver thingys. They’re great for landscaping too! That’s my two cents.)

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