93 Sleeps Till Close

The final stages of our financing was approved around noon on Wednesday and that evening, Tay and I finished off the bottle of champagne that we had popped open the night before. On Thursday evening we went and met with our mortgage broker and signed all the papers, and very early Friday morning we were up early to visit the house for the inspection. I took the day off work so that I could crawl around taking measurements of everything and grabbed the opportunity to snap some photos while I was at it. Some of them are below, the rest of them can be found here.

The semi-superstitious being that I am, I’ve been doing a little reading online about feng shui and the aspects of our house that may or may not affect it. The house faces North East, which, according to one site, is one of the best facings as it means Prosperous Mountain, Prosperous Water which are good for wealth and relationship. The number 8 in a house is consiered to be lucky, we have 2 8s in our house address and in our postal code.

Of the following basic feng shui concepts as they relate to real estate, the ones are house adheres to are bolded:

-Avoid having a straight road leading directly to the home, with people coming and going it will dissipate the good influences.
-Avoid building at the junction of a T-street or at the end of a cul-de-sac because these locations are on the receiving end of the straight-flowing Sha. A dead-end street traps the bad Sha.
-The front entrance should not face the upstairs stairway.
-The front door should not have a view of the back door. The through hallway is a no-no.

-Heavy beams in the recreational room are a burden and interfere with Chi.
To have the right side low and the left side high are both unlucky. The hills to the left should be higher than those to the right (??).
Houses or buildings on triangular plots of land are ill-omened as the strange shape attracts Sha.
Water is very important and its positioning is vital to improving Chi and confounding Sha.

I don’t know if the people that live in the house were feng shui-ists when they painted, but a lot of the color choices seem to follow the rules of feng shui.

The kitchen, which faces south west and Tay’s office, which faces north east, are painted in shades of orange, and the living room, which is painted a strong yellow and faces south west, and the foyer, which is the same strong yellow and faces north east bring a supporting energy in all career efforts and will help achieve recognition.

The master bedroom and master bath are all painted yellow and face south west, which, in feng shui represents the earth element and brings stability, nourishment and protection for all relationships.

The guest room, which is currently painted a soft blue, faces north east, and brings calm, ease, purity and freshness – all the things that I would wish for any potential guests.

Feng shui aside, the greatest thing that appealed to me about the house was the energy I felt when I went to see it Monday night. The family that owned the house was there, and as the couple ushered their two children into the basement, the house echoed with their laughter – when we went downstairs to see the basement, I watched the two kids chasing after each other and the parents down on their hands and knees beside them and I knew that this was a house filled with love and kindness – evident from the carefully painted bedrooms with Winnie-the-Pooh and Mickey Mouse murals and their names scrawled on the walls. I felt SO good being in that house, and as I think about it now, 93 sleeps seems a very long time.

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2 Responses to 93 Sleeps Till Close

  1. Congratulations on the house!

  2. Such a gorgeous place! I’m stressing over the thought of feng shui and the lack there of in our place. I can’t tell you how many times I have to close the toliette seat lest my life be flushed down!

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