Those Last Ten Pounds

Even with my knee injury (and therefore not being able to run) and my once-again-growing-addiction to coca-cola (and my discovery of beers that I like) and other sweet things, I’ve been able to keep my weight below 150 which was my goal weight for the end of last year. When I hit my goal weight after my surgery and was able to maintain it, I reevaluated my weight goals and set a very lose goal of 140 but I haven’t been stressing about hitting it since I’m quite happy at 150…and 150 these days is my max – I’m usually hovering around 147 but have been known to drop as low as 145 or, after certain weekends where I indulge a little TOO much, I occasional round out at 148-149.

For the first time in a very long time I am mostly content with the shape of my body – but after Body Pump last week I pointed to my chest and asked Instructor B how long before THEY were going to start disappearing like the rest of me. I’m wearing a size 8 pants and my waist had decreased substantially but the boobage…the boobage is stubborn and doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere. It’s making shopping for tops and shirts difficult because I need to go up to a larger size to fit through the chest, but it’s loose around the waist. Dresses are all but impossible because the same problem – to fit through the chest, it’s big through the waist and hips. I bought a spring jacket last week that fits everywhere but in the chest – I’m hoping that if I move the top button a little it’ll give me some extra room there, but all in all, the boobage? I’m tired of it.

I can’t imagine that I’m carrying those last 6-7 pounds on my chest, but I saw some recent photos of myself on the weekend and I realized just how top heavy I’ve become because of the weight loss throughout the rest of me. When I was complaining about it to Instructor B, she told me that as frustrated as I was with it, that I should be grateful that my chest is where I’m carrying my extra weight – most women don’t carry it through their chest but instead get stuck with it around their middle, through their hips or on their butt. She claimed that there’s A LOT of women that would kill to have the problem that I’m whining about – large chest, tiny waist, average size hips – who doesn’t want an hour glass figure she asked?

When she put it that way, I conceded to not be AS frustrated, but I’m still annoyed. Because they don’t match the rest of me, and I want them to match. I want them to be proportioned. I don’t want them gone entirely, I’ve given up the fantasy of being flat and able to go braless if I needed too, but is a nice, round C cup to much to ask for?

I don’t think so.

Instructor B said I need to increase my cardio which has been hard to do because of my knee, but I got my orthotics last week for my running shoes and I’ve been working them in – I get to wear them out for a run later this week and despite having an annoying cold the past week, I got out for a run last night and did 25 minutes which has been about the max I can do without putting strain on my knee. I’m still not allowed to run daily, but as my knee gets stronger, I know I’ll be able to run more often – my goal would be able to run 5km every day, with a longer run on the weekends (10km max probably) and if all that running doesn’t melt away the extra boobage, then I don’t know what will.

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One Response to Those Last Ten Pounds

  1. Jods says:

    Boy, I’m glad to see you back 🙂 RE the boobs: I think its worse for you because you actually used to have small boobs and now you don’t. I have been carrying around my Size FF for a long time now and have the same complaints, although I am am a size 10, I often have to get a size 12 or even fourteen dress…sucky. I would be much happier to be a C too, but what can a girl do? The only other alternative to trying to excercise them down is have your clothes made (who can afford that) or have them reduced and I hope you don’t feel as if you have to resort to that (I’ve considered it, but have decided against it – too many negatives involved).Sorry for the long comment, its just I thought I’d better make up for lost time 😉 lov ya!

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